#BIRTHDAY: Sopho from Georgia is 38 today

#BIRTHDAY: Sopho from Georgia is 38 today

Did you ever wonder what songwriters are thinking of when they come up with titles? Do they go for something long – like Barry White – or something brief, to the point, and easy to search for on Google*.

Shorter song titles can lead to a lack of originality. Which is why it makes me chuckle when the same song title keeps cropping up, even though the songs are vastly different. Today’s birthday girl სოფო ნიჟარაძე/Sofia Nizharadze was on stage in 2010 and had the originally titled song Shine. Yes, Shine. As if there aren’t enough already with that title. It must have struck a chord. Our Sopho came third in her semi-final and ninth in the final.

*Other search engines are available.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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