#NORWAY: Artists announced for Melodi Grand Prix 2023

Today, the Norwegian broadcaster ,NRK ,has announced which acts will be fighting it out this year for the honour of representing Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 to take place in Liverpool,United Kingdom . The lucky acts are as follows:

Semi-final 1

Ulrikke Brandstorp – “Honestly”

Ulrikke is a familiar face to MGP , she won the 2020 edition with her song “Attention” but unfortunately, she didn’t get to participate at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest , which was due to be held in Rotterdam, because of the Covid-19 pandemic .Ulrikke is now back for another try at representing her country in Liverpool,UK , will she be second time lucky ?

Eirik Næss – “Wave”
Eirik Næss is an artist and songwriter from Larvik. After graduating, he spent seven years living in London and produces many different music styles . He has also played in several bands

Kate Gulbrandsen – “Tårer i paradis”
Kate Gulbrandsen , is another familiar face to those of us who were around during the 1980’s .Kate won MGP in 1987 with “Mitt liv” .She came 9th at Eurovision Song Contest 1987. She has performed in many shows and is a familiar face on various Norwegian TV shows such as “Beat på Beat”, “Stjernekamp” and “Allsang på grensen”. The composer of the song is also familiar to Eurovision fans . Kjetil Mørland competed at ESC 2015 in Vienna together with Debrah Scarlett, where they came 5th with their duet ” A Monster like me”,

Rasmus Thall – “TRESKO”

Rasmus Thallaug is a songwriter, producer and artist from Tønsberg. In MGP last year, he was both producer, co-songwriter and pianist for his partner Farida’s contribution “Dangerous”. Rasmus is the grandson of the well-known artist Anita Thallaug, who participated in MGP in the 1960s.

Alessandra Mele – “Queen Of Kings”

Alessandra Mele is a Norwegian-Italian artist and songwriter. The 20-year-old has lived most of her life in Italy, but after she finished her secondary school she moved to Norway. She is studying at LIMPI in Lillehammer. She is singing the song “Queen of Kings “

Byron Williams Jr & Jowst: “Freaky For The Weekend”
Byron Williams comes from Miami, Florida, and he is already known to Norwegian audiences as he has appeared as a contestant in “The Voice”. Jowst, won MGP in 2017 with the song “Grab The Moment”, coming 10th at ESC 2017 in Kyiv . They have both come together to create the party song “Freaky for the Weekend.”

Umami Tsunami feat. Kyle Alessandro, Kristian Haugstøyl & Magnus Winjum: “Geronimo”
Umami Tsunami are a trio of young artists, Kyle Alessandro (16), Kristian Haux (20) and Magnus Winjum (17) from Lillestrøm. This is their first time taking part in MGP.

Semi-final 2

Sandra Lyng – “Drøm d bort”
For the first time, Sandra Lyng will be competing as an artist in MGP. Last year she was a songwriter of the song “Someone”, performed by the group Northkid. At the age of 16, she competed in the Norwegian version of “Idol”.

Jone – “Ekko Inni Meg”

Jonas Nes Steinset is from Lier and has the stage name JONE. He is making his MGP debut. Recently JONE has specialized in creation of sing-along, friendly and catchy party music, with singles such as “Et sted på Montebello”, “Jag gillar dig” and “Livet på bøgda”.

Swing’ it – “Prohibition”
Swing It are a band consisting of: Martin Jarl Velsin, Leif Peter Vilhelm Grahn, Edvard Bondi Knowles, Jan Ivar Ekroll, Vebjørn Mamen, Håvard Mathisen Tanner and Håkon Kvam. Swing’it started their career as street musicians in Tønsberg in 2014. Since then, the band has played hundreds of concerts in Norway, Europe and the USA. In 2018, they created the concept “prohibition”, which is a show with 1920s dance, burlesque and cabaret music .

Ella – “Waist”

Ella is the stage name of Raphaela Antônia Souza Silva, who was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. At the age of 12, she moved to Norway with her mother. In 2022, she released her debut single “Criminal”, which was used as the soundtrack to the Brazilian film “Me Tira da Mira”.

Alejandro Fuentes – “Fuego”
Alejandro made his mark on the music scene in 2005 by appearing in Norwegian “Idol”. He competed at MGP 2018 with the song “Tengo Otra”.He’s back for another try at representing his country with the song “Fuego”( not to be confused with the 2018 entry from Cyprus !)

Bjørn Olav Edvardsen – “Turn Off My Heart”

Bjørn Olav Edvardsen is an artist, actor and songwriter living in Nord-Odal. He got his breakthrough when he was a finalist in “Idol” in 2005. Since then, he has been on several stages including “The Voice”. This is the first time he has takes part at MGP as an artist.

Elsie Bay – “Love You in a Dream”
Elsie Bay participated both as a songwriter and artist in last year’s MGP. This year she is back as a songwriter for Eline Thorp’s song “Not Meant to Be”, in addition to that she is competing as an artist with “Love You in a Dream”.

Semi-Final 3

Skrellex – “Love Again”
Skrellex, also known as Kai Thomas Larsen has worked as a musical and show artist since 2007. In MGP he participates as the drag artist Skrellex .Norwegian audiences will know him as a mentor in “Drag Me Out” and as a drag queen in the series “Drags”.

Tiril Beisland – “Break It

Tiril is a 21-year-old artist and songwriter from Lillestrøm. She has a lot of experience of being on stage, for example ,a dancer in Skedsmo Amatørteater, as well as in the Norwegian Ballet Institute .She is making her debut as an artist in MGP.

Akuvi – “Triumph”

Beatrice Akuvi Hosen Kumordzie (27) is a Norwegian-Ghanaian artist, songwriter and performer. In 2020, she participated in Melodi Grand Prix with the song “Som du er”. She is also the voice behindcharacter Dolores in Disney’s Encanto, as well as the rapper Karma in the Netflix series “Karma’s world.”

Atle Pettersen – “Masterpiece

Atle Pettersen is known as both musician and TV host. He hosts the Norwegian show “Beat for Beat”. Music has been a big part of Pettersen’s life, and he has done several musicals and revues such as “Singin’ in the Rain”, “Jersey Boys” and “Beatles” .He took part in last year’s MGP with the song “World on Fire”. Will he fare better this year ?

Eline Thorp – “Not Meant to Be”

Eline Thorp (29) comes from Hamarøy in Nordland, but lives in Oslo. She made her breakthrough as an artist at the start of the 2010s and now she is making her MGP debut.

Maria Celin – “Freya”

Maria Celin Strand is from Mandal. She has performed in both theatre and musicals since she was 9 years old. She appeared in “The Voice” in 2017. In the competition, she covered the song “Runnin” by Beyoncé, which was very well received and currently has 3.5 million plays on Spotify.

Stig van Eijk – “Someday”
Twenty four years have passed since Stig van Eijk had his big breakthrough as an artist. It happened when, as a 17-year-old, he won the Norwegian MGP final with the song “Living My Life Without You” which came 14th place at Eurovision 1999. Both the single and the subsequent album reached gold status in Norway. This year he is currently working on several record projects, in addition to re-entering the big MGP scene.

This year’s MGP will take on a slightly different format to previous years. This year, no acts are pre-qualified to the Final and there will only be three heats instead of four, taking place at Screen Studios in Nydalen . There will also be no duels in each of the heats as there have been in the last few years and no “Last Chance ” Round .Seven acts will compete in each Heat , with three qualifying for the MGP Final, which will take place at the Trondheim Spektrum on 4th February. The result in the Final will be determined by a 50% Jury, 50% public vote .

Last Year, Subwoolfer took victory in the Final of MGP 2022 with their catchy song ” Give that wolf a banana “

#joinus on Saturday 14th January when we will be bringing our live blog of Semi Final 1 .

What do you think? Who would you like to see represent Norway in Liverpool ? Let us know by leaving a comment below .

Author : Sarah Rudman

Source : NRK

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