🇦🇿 #ESC23: Azerbaijan Deny Non-Participation

Ictimai, the Azeri national broadcaster, have denied a non-participation at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, in the United Kingdom. Rumours of a non-participation is due to a lack of the Eurovision Song Contest been mentioned in the new season programming publication.

Alasgar Valiyev, Deputy Chief of Staff of Ictimai, had the following to say:

“In the information we released about the new television season, we did not provide information about all the programs and projects included in the program. Because in terms of volume, information was received very widely. This information mainly talks about new projects, serials, films to be shown for the first time and author’s programs. In the press release, it was also mentioned that all the other shows, projects and programs that have been widely watched and loved by the public will continue to be broadcast on Public TV Radio. 

Eurovision is traditionally an international Song Contest broadcast by Public Television every year. Public TV broadcasts this competition every year since 2007, when it became a member of the European Broadcasting Union. In other words, there is no new news in this matter. Therefore, claims about the refusal to broadcast Eurovision are groundless.”

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix

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