Eurovision 2020

#BIRTHDAY: Paulo de Carvalho from Portugal is 75 today

#BIRTHDAY: Paulo de Carvalho from Portugal is 75 today

very song – in it’s own way – makes its own piece of history. It could be a country’s début song. It could be their lowest ever scorer. Or it could make its mark for wider reasons.

In 1974, Europe was a little but jumpy, and this includes with our friends in Portugal. Broadcaster RTP has selected today’s birthday boy (Manuel) Paulo de Carvalho (da Costa) with a song about a farewell. It finished equal 14th on the contest on 6 April. But 19 days later his song became a signal for the country’s Carnation Revolution that toppled the government. A Eurovision song that became symbol for revolution is probably in a very elite group.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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