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#Romania Live Blog of Eurovision Romania 2022 from 20:00 CET

Buna seara Europa, buna dimineata Australia, salut lume!

Welcome to our Live Blog, we are delighted that you have joined us!

Tonight is the Final of Eurovision Romania, the show which will decide the Romanian representative for Eurovision 2022 in Turin, Italy.

The show is is hosted by Eda Marcus and Aurelina Temisan while Bogdan Stănescu and Ilinca Băcilă will be your host in the Green room.

The 10 artists competing to represent Romania in Turin are:

  • Andrei Petruş – “Take me”
  • Alex Parker & Bastien – “All This Love”
  • Gabriel Basco – “One night”
  • VANU – “Never give up”
  • Petra – “Ireligios” (Irreligious)
  • MOISE – “Guilty”
  • Claudia, Minodora, Diana – “România mea” (My Romania)
  • Kyrie Mendél – “Hurricane”
  • Dora Gaitanovici – “Ana”
  • WRS – “Llámame” (Call me)

The winner of the Romanian selection will be determined by 5/6 jury and 1/6 public televote. As interval acts, we will have the fantastic opportunity to hear 7 already chosen acts for Turin 2022:

  • Albania – Ronela Hajati
  • Bulgaria – Intelligent Music Project
  • Czech Republic – We Are Dome
  • Estonia – Stefan
  • Moldova – Zdob și Zdub
  • Montenegro – Vladana
  • North Macedonia – Andrea

Furthermore, Jamala who represented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 will be performing her winning song “1944”. Nowadays, her songs resonates with entire Ukraine.

You can watch the selection live here or at:

My name is Bogdan and I will be your guide behind this screen. Join me to find out all action as it happens. To get the newest comments, just refresh this page!


The show is about to start in a few minutes. Are you ready? Bring your snacks and drinks. We’ll start soon!

Buna seara Europa! Buna dimineata Europa! Salut lume! Welcome to Eurovision Romania 2022!

The contestants are performing a Eurovision Medley! What a cool start

We were treated to a Number One, Toy, Euphoria and Zitti e Buoni and Heroes.

The medley was ended with the sign ‘Together for Peace’ and the Ukrainian Flag displayed. Thank you Romania!

The hosts of tonight Eda Marcus and Adrian Aurelian said that today the message from Romania to the world is

‘Together For Peace’!

There are 10 songs tonight in tonight’s Romanian Final. Who is your favourite?

We are now presented again the jury that decides tonight: Ozana Barabancea, Cristi Faur, Alexandra Ungureanu, Randi and Adrian Romcescu.

The jury has the main deciding power in deciding Romanian representative for Eurovision 2022 with a 5/6 of the votes while the public has 1/6 deciding power.

The Final starts now!

Andrei Petruş – “Take me”

‘Take me’ is a classical ballad and I think the song would fit perfectly a Disney movie. Andrei’s voice is powerful and on point. I just wish the production of this would be more polished. If I close my eyes, I can feel a similar vibe with ‘My Heart Is Yours’ from Norway 2010 (Didrik Solli) – which I absolutely love. Unfortunately Andrei is not connecting very well with the camera and looks like he doesn’t know when he has close-ups. Still I enjoyed the ‘trick’ with the choir projected in the background.

We’re now on a short break in the Green room with Ilinca and the contestants.

Alex Parker & Bastien – “All this love”

Alex and Bastien present us a pop song with a trendy sound combining synth and bass in the style resembling The Weeknd but that’s nothing wrong with that. The vocals sound good and I’m taping along to the rhythm. I like it and I think Romania could do way worse than choosing this song for Turin. May I please have that jacket? More connectivity with the camera please! This might not be their fault, but still… Good job guys, I enjoyed your energy.

Gabriel Basco – “One night”

Gabriel is singing a beautiful ballad and even though he’s alone on the stage, the vocals are on point. It sound a bit like Ed Sheeran, but I enjoy his performance. It’s clean and it works. I’m enjoying the visuals on the background, telling the song’s story. However, we have the same problem. The connection with the camera is not there. Good performance and I like that Gabriel tries every time to be trendy.

VANU – “Never give up”

The first rock song of the night and it sounds good. As many of you know, I’m a rock fan so it’s no wonder I’m enjoying VANU’s song. Is it something new? No, but it is pleasant enough. The lead singer and the backing-vocalists are engaged in the performance. I’m singing along but again I am saddened by the extremely poor connection with the camera. Thank God the public has only 1/6 of the votes. You need to sing to the camera to get the votes not with the eyes closed or looking at the floor. Come on TVR, guide your artists!

Petra – “Ireligios” (Irreligious)

This might be the biggest grower on me. Petra has such a powerful presence and with her haunting, dark vibe, brings a different style to what we’ve seen so far. This song is a metaphor and Ireligios is a song for people that gave up on love’ declared Petra. We have gigantic white flowers and the wind machine is bowing hard (Petra seems a bit distracted by this). No surprise here, Petra sang 90% of the song with her eyes closed. I get that you want to transmit emotions but we cant vote if we can’t see your eyes and you connect with us. Shame, the vocals were really good and powerful.

MOISE – “Guilty”

MOISE has changed his show since the semi-finals. He is alone on the stage covered in golden glitter. The song is composed by the famous Swedish sisters and you can tell it’s a well built one. Not sure what to say about this staging but I preferred what I saw in the semis. The vocals were good and I applaud his effort. Unfortunately, I don’t think it is strong enough to stand out (for the right reasons).

We’ll be back in approximatively 8 minutes after the ad break. Are you enjoying the show? Do you think we’ve see the winner yet?

Claudia, Minodora, Diana – “România mea” (My Romania)

I have mixed feelings about this song. As a Romanian, I find it very patriotic and I enjoy listening to it, but as a Eurovision Fan, I don’t see it as a perfect fit for the contest. I struggle to see this song performed on the main stage and the whole of Europe and Australia getting behind it. I appreciate their team trying to give us a patriotic show,, a show for all Romania but again, today is not the 1st of December (Romania’s National Day).

Kyrie Mendél – “Hurricane”

Simple and emotional, Kyrie is singing at the piano. There’s nothing much I can tell about this performance. The vocals are good, the feeling is there. Yet again, there’s not one single look to the camera to connect with the audience. I understand that Kyrie prefers a to be filmed from a certain angle, but you still need to look at us. I like the song. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s the right choice for tonight.

Dora Gaitanovici – “Ana”

I would lie if I said I don’t like this song. Actually this is one of my favourites of the night. The song is inspired by a Romanian Myth/Poem – The construction of the Arges Monastery, where Master Manole (the architect) tries to build a grand monastery for a prince. In the poem, Manole finds it impossible to build the monastery without a human sacrifice and, despite his efforts, is forced to sacrifice his own pregnant wife Ana by encasing her in the walls of the building. This song is sung from Ana’s perspective, trying to break free. What a powerful voice! I was having high hopes to see the story translated on the stage . Unfortunately, I didn’t see what I wanted to see. I heard what I wanted to hear but I am disappointed by the underwhelming show as we were promised a powerful one.

WRS – “Llámame” (Call me)

My favourite from tonight’s show is up next. WRS has 4 dancers this time with him on the main stage. What a latino vibe and such an energetic performance! I can see people dancing to this years and years at the Euroclub. I love the revamp and WRS has improved dramatically his vocals. I am impressed. This was the best show of the night and has the full package. Well done WRS and your team. If things are correct, this is your winner Romania! Do the right thing!

Romania start voting!

In the next hour, we will see:

  • Albania – Ronela Hajati
  • Bulgaria – Intelligent Music Project
  • Czech Republic – We Are Domi
  • Estonia – Stefan
  • Moldova – Zdob și Zdub
  • Montenegro – Vladana
  • North Macedonia – Andrea

Furthermore, Jamala who represented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 will be performing her winning song “1944”. Nowadays, her songs resonates with entire Ukraine.

First up is Ronela with Sekret. Even though it is playback, Ronela is full of energy. I

Next up is Stefan from Estonia with Hope. This time the voice is live ands sounds so good. I just love this. Don’t you?

Andrea from North Macedona is singing now her song Circles. Good vocals, curious to see what will be the show in Turin.

Time for another Ad break. We’ll be right back.

We’re back ladies and gents with Intelligent Music Projectfrom Bulgaria. The rock is heard again on the Romanian stage. The lyrics of this song quite resonate with the current situation. “I’m never in the safety zone (…) They were sending me to war”

What a sweet moment. Dora and WRS. WRS just said that Dora’s mum was his chemistry teacher. Dora and WRS are the televote leaders at this moment.

Vladana from Montenegro is now on the stage singing her song that was born after Vladana tragically lost her mother.

I love Vladana’s song and her performance is from the heart. Loved it!

We Are Domi are singing next. Lights off is such a banger! I applaud her singing live considering her ear piece didn’t work as far as we could tell.

Time for some Zdob si Zdub and Advahov Brothers fun! The little train is here. There is a notable revamp of this song as well. They added a few lyrics in English too.

Still time to vote your favourite and send an SMS at 1200 followed by the number of your chosen act.


The winner of the Televote is Dora followed closely by WRS.

Do you agree with the Televote? Soon we’ll se the jury’s points.

Am I the only one singing ‘Bunica bate toba?’

We are told that we are living dramatical times. It’s time to hear a children choir ‘The Sound of Music’ that wants to send a peace message. The choreography was produced by a Ukrainian called Lusia Smetanina.

Kalush Orchestra are asking for us to let everyone know about the problems in Ukraine.

Jamala is singing now her song 1944. This is an emotional moment and the message of this song is very current as she had to abandon her home as well because of the current situation in Ukraine.

Jamala wants the world to know that this war that is in Europe (Ukraine) is affecting everyone. “I want to thank Romania for opening their door to us. Stand for Ukraine!” she declared.

Now it’s time to find the top 3 in a random order. Interesting.

Those 3 are: Dora Gaitanovici, WRS and Kyrie.

3rd place: Dora Gaitanovici

2nd place: Kyrie

And the winner is: WRS

Thank you everyone who followed our live blog and congratulations to the winner.

Source: TVR, Eurovision Ireland

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