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#Tonight :NORWAY MGP 3rd semi final: #LiveBlog from 19:50 CET

Well, a week soon goes by and tonight, Norway continues its search to find their 2022 Eurovision Song contest act to fly the Norwegian flag in Turin, Italy . As we all know now, last week’s semi final 2 was won by Farida with her song ” Dangerous”, joining the winner of semi final 1, Frode, with his song “Black Flowers” . Tonight four more acts will compete in Semi Final 3 at the H3 Arena in Fornebu, Norway for the third golden ticket to the Grand Final of MGP , to be held on 19th February 2022 . As with the previous semi finals , the four acts will be split up into two duels with the winner of each duel then competing in the Gold duel, with the winner going forward to the Grand Final on 19th February . The four acts tonight are :

Mari Bølla “Your Loss”

Oda Gondrosen-“Hammer of Thor”

Sturla -“Skår i hjerte”


As in the previous weeks, one of the pre-qualified finalists will perform as an interval act. Tonight , we should have seen Subwoolfer performing their song “Give that wolf a banana ” , however , they have unfortunately had a positive Covid-19 test and therefore next week’s pre-qualified act,Northkid , will perform tonight instead with their song “Someone ” . No pressure for them there then !

Please #joinus at 19:50 CET when we will be bringing you all the fun and action in our #liveblog . You can also watch the show HERE


Good evening and welcome to Eurovision Ireland’s live blog of Semi Final 3 of MGP 2022. Please sit back, relax and let me. Sarah , guide you through the proceedings tonight. As always our hosts tonight will be Kåre Magnus Bergh, Annika Momrak and Mikkel Niva. You will have grown to love them by now . Annika should be back tonight having missed last week’s show due to testing positive for Covid-19 . We are just waiting now to be let into the webcast for NRK and then we’ll get going with tonight’s fun and action .

And we’re in …The Norwegian lottery draw taking place , someone in Norway will be lucky tonight !

Here we go…..

These Norwegian like to talk !!

First up tonight in duel 1 is Mari Bolla with her song “Your Loss”

Mari Bolla Your Loss

White and Silver seems to be the order of the night with Mari, she’s starting sat on a regal looking throne with regal looking chairs , with her backing singers surrounding her . It’s a fast , uptempo song , quite entertaining , a good start to the evening .

By the way apologies for the error earlier, problems with strong winds playing havoc with my internet connection tonight !

Also in duel 1 is Oda Gondrosen with her song “Hammer of Thor “, we’re just being introduced to her !

Oda Gondrosen-“Hammer of Thor”

This has a bit of everything in it . Oda is dressed in black , accompanied by 4 backing drummers. It’s a bit like a combination of haunting sounds given by Jamala in 2016 and the drummers from Only Teardrops in 2013.It’s a powerful song and Oda sells it really well, with good camera engagement and she is an attractive lady too . I think this one just edges Mari , for me but you may think otherwise.

She’s pleased with her performance

We are just getting the recap of duel 1 now . I found Odra’s performance very haunting, very anthemic and almost folk like in genre. Who will win this duel ?

The two acts are back on the stage, nervously awaiting their fate !

And the winner of Duel 1 is……..Odra Gondrosen.

I am not surprised, it did seem to stand out more .

So, onto Duel 2

Sturla V Vilde

Just getting a reminder of the acts that didn’t make it in the last two semi finals , who may appear in the Second Chance Round later in the competition .

Sturla -“Skår i hjerte”

Nice to hear a song in Norwegian and Sturla has a good voice .It is a bit repetitive in parts and Sturla needs to engage with the camera a bit more . It really doesn’t go anywhere for me and might struggle to stand out in Turin. His vocals are ok though .Sturla names Chris Martin as one of his musical influences and this is a bit reminiscent of stuff that Cold play might do .


After a quick introduction to Vilde, she’s on stage now performing Titans .Gold and white seems to be the theme in this performance. With Vilde in all gold catsuit and backed by four backing dancers in all white.Vilde starts of centre stage then towards the end of the song gets up into a small podium. She gives her all but again, it’s nothing that really stands out and may struggle if other, similar songs are selected for Turin.

She seems very pleased with how things went . We are now getting a recap of the Duel 2 performances, I think this one is much closer than the first one and is a more difficult one to call . All Norway being encouraged to vote for their favourite act.

The two acts come back to the stage

And the Duel 2 winner is ………..Vilde !

So it’s Odra Gondresen V Vilde in the Gold Duel ! Girl power has dominated tonight !Vilde’s fans look very happy .

Looks like we are going to meet Northkid now, the pre qualified act .Remember , they are performing tonight instead of next week as they had to replace Subwoolfer , who tested positive for Covid-19, therefore they have to self-isolate. Subwoolfer will perform next week instead.


We start off with lead singer alone on stage with his band member on a piano with a curtain backdrop which changes from green to red , then disappears then he is joined by his other band members in chorus. The song progresses to a finale of pyros galore . A slow start but the song does build up and we have the powerful ending that we are waiting for . A good performance considering they had short notice to perform this week.

So now onto the Gold Duel Oda v Vilde

We are being treated now to past MGP songs being sung in Norwegian. Anyone remember Margaret Berger in 2013 ?

Here comes the Gold Duel

First up Odra with Hammer of Thor

This sounds so very Norwegian, Odra has got the staging just right with this, with a dark, moody staging , starting with Odra standing in a smoke effect blue/black background , then joined by her four backing drummers. All dressed in black, with Odra looking very Zena warrior princess ! This is good .


Her fans are cheering her on …

It’s an uptempo song, with Vilde on stage with a backdrop that looks like it is representing the diamonds, as she sings, “brighter than a diamond”. She is joined by her four backing dancers in white. This has been choreographed to its life. The only things I would say is that perhaps we need more close up shots of Vilde, engaging with the camera . It was a bit repetitive in parts for me and to be honest, although it’s a good song, I fear it would get lost amongst similar songs at Eurovision.

Here’s the result coming.Both back on stage now

And the Winner is ….Odra with her song “Hammer of Thor” !

She’s happy

So Odra Gondresen joins Farida and Frode Vassel in the MGP final on 19th February. What do you think of tonight’s result? Do you think it was the right result ?

Thank you for tuning in to the blog this evening. We made it through , despite the internet glitches earlier. Tune in next week for Semi Final four in the long road to find the Norwegian entry for Turin 2022 !

Author: Sarah Rudman

Source : Eurovision Ireland ,NRK

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