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#NORWAY: Tonight MGP Semi Final 2 : Live Blog from 19.50 CET

Last week, the Norwegians kicked off their search for their act to represent them at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, Italy . As we all know now, last week’s semi final 1 was won by Frode Vassel with his song ” Black Flowers” . Tonight four more acts will compete in Semi Final 2 at the H3 Arena in Fornebu, Norway for the second golden ticket to the Grand Final of MGP , to be held on 19th February 2022 . As with the previous semi final , the four acts will be split up into two duels with the winner of each duel then competing in the Gold duel, with the winner going forward to the Grand Final on 19th February . The four acts tonight are :

Duel 1 -“Bad baby ” -sung by Lily Lowe v “With me tonight” sung by Steffen Jakobsen

Duel 2 -“Dangerous” sung by Farida v “Kvelertak” sung by Daniel Lukas

There will also be a performance by one of the pre-qualified to the final acts , tonight we will see Christian Ingebrigtsen take to the stage with his song “Wonder of the World”.

As with last week, our hosts at the H3 arena will be Kåre Magnus Bergh, Annika Momrak and Mikkel Niva

You can watch the show HERE

Last year , Norway was represented by Tix with his song “Fallen Angel “. Will we see his successor in any of tonight’s acts? Tune in later for our live blog of the fun and action from Norway at 19.50 CET , 18.50 GMT .


Welcome back! In a few minutes we will be going to the H3 arena to start tonight’s show. Please , sit back . relax and let me, Sarah, guide you through the proceedings tonight . Please REFRESH THE PAGE to keep up with all the action !

And we’re in ….watching the Norwegian lottery , there will be some lucky person in Norway tonight !

Here we go….just a recap of last week’s show

We now get a first glimpse of tonight’s acts

Here come the presenters, sadly only Kare and Mikkel tonight as Annika has tested positive for Covid-19, so has to self-isolate . They have however still included her as part of proceedings by showing her video calling . They are just showing the draw for the duels that was done earlier in the week.

Just explaining how the show will look tonight

our duels tonight


Lily names David Bowie and Queen as some of her musical influences .She has gone very much for the rock chick look , with fire pyros and red rays galore with a black backdrop. accompanied by two guitarists and a drummer.It’s definitely one for the rock fans and Lily gives a powerful performance. A strong start to the night ! I wonder how many songs this year will have the Måneskin effect ?

Lily seems happy with her performance !

With Me tonight -Steffen Jakobsen

So we go from rock and roll to country and Western! You really couldn’t get more contrasting acts! Steffen is confident performer. He’s joined on stage by four guys all wearing stetson hats , it’s a very typical country song, which is pleasant enough to listen to but not so sure that this would work at Eurovision .Country is one of those types of music that you either love or hate .

Steffen is happy with his performance .

That’s the first duel over , so now we get a recap of the acts .

So, who will win the first duel …the acts come back onto the stage ..

And the winner of duel 1 is………

Steffen Jakobsen!! Clearly the rock and roll effect wasn’t as appealing in Norway !

They are just going through the acts that lost out last week , talking of their experiences and thoughts as to the result. We may yet see one of them in the final as there will be a Second chance round at the end of the four semi finals.

Duel 2

So , on to Duel 2 ….

“Dangerous” -Farida

We are just being introduced to Farida .I love her two tone hair !

Farida continues the two toned look, with a two toned suit and she has four violinists dancing around, pyros on stage and in a piano ! Her vocals are sound to the point of haunting and she’s confident on stage . A power ballad always goes down well at Eurovision !

She seems pleased with her performance

“Kverlertak” -Daniel Lukas

So, we go from power ballad to pop,in a very Eric Saade style. Daniel is joined on stage by two backing dancers. It’s also good to hear something in the national language for a change! It’s ok but for me there is something missing to make it stand out more . This is one that may appeal more to a younger audience….perhaps I am getting too old for this kind of music !!

By the way ,all the acts have their fan base watching them . Daniel is no exception

So now we get a recap of the acts . Who will win this duel?

They come back on stage ….Farida or Daniel ?

And ………it’s Farida !! No great surprise there.

So now we are about to meet the second pre qualified to the final act . Each week you will see one of the pre qualified acts perform. This week, it’s the turn of Christian Ingebritsen , who will be performing his song “Wonder of the world”

Christian Ingebritsen-“Wonder of the world”

Christian names Elton John as one of his influences in music and it certainly shows here as the act is very “Elton John “, with Christian sat at a piano , with four backing female celloists . Very low key staging, simple but effective. It’s a nice song and Christian’s vocals are flawless . Would it work at Eurovision? Possibly.

Now onto the Gold duel – Steffen v Farida .But first some chat from the hosts and a look back at previous MGP’s , including Keiino and Ulrikke Brandstorp .At last we get to the Gold Duel !

Steffen Jakobsen “With me tonight “

I must admit I am a bit surprised that country won over rock but hey, what do I know ? Must be a lot of country and western fans in Norway ! There’s no doubt that Steffen is a confident performer and quite charismatic . Not sure how well country and western would go down in eurovision, it’s the kind of song that could go either way , depending on the mood of the ESC fanbase on the night.

Steffens’s fanbase cheering him on and encouraging votes for him. Just to remind you that tonight’s voting is 100 % public vote .

Farida’s fan base , ready for her performance


Farida gives another slick performance, I do see some similarities to Adele here .She definitely has the best vocals of the night . The song is almost Bond theme like in nature , we have the violinists and a dramatic end to the song with fire pyros coming out of a piano and on stage. A very effective and dramatic performance .This could do well at Eurovision.

Now we have a recap . Who will win the golden ticket to the final ?

It’s Farida !!!! No surprise there, she was the standout act tonight . She seems surprised but happy to win!

So, Farida wins semi final 2 and goes through to the Grand Final on 19th February . Thanks for tuning into our blog tonight, hope you’ve enjoyed it , Goodnight and tune in again next week for Semi final 3 !

Author: Sarah Rudman

Source : NRK , Eurovision Ireland

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