Eurovision 2021

#JESC21: Icelandic Delegation To Attend Paris

Following on from the news that the 2021 Junior Song Contest will be BROADCAST in Iceland this year, RÚV, the Icelandic national broadcaster have revealed they are sending a delegation to Paris, to observe the Contest.

Rúnar Freyr, Director of Söngvakeppnin and Head of Press for the Icelandic delegation at the Eurovision Song Contest, was interviewed by Eurofestivales and had the following to say:

What has changed for RÚV now if it broadcasts the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and not in previous years?
“We have been watching the contest last year and we have seen great potential. The contest is getting bigger and more popular and we think our audience would like to see how it goes.”
Will Iceland send a delegation to Paris to see the contest first hand?
“Yes. Two of our staff will be attending this year’s show and going backstage and getting to know the production and how things work.”
This year’s broadcast, is it a test if the contest works with the Icelandic public?
“Yes, it is. But there are a lot of things we have to take into account when deciding whether we’d like to participate as well. For a small broadcasting service like RÚV, it’s a big decision, budget and staffing. The singing competitions for kids are popular in Iceland, as well as in any children’s culture, so we really want to see if we want to and can participate. We are always looking for good family material for our audience. “
Will the audience obtained from the contest on the network determine the future of Iceland in this contest?
“In part, yes. But like I said, there are many things we need to consider before deciding to participate.”
In closing, we can say that Iceland is interested in the contest as it will be broadcasting it this year, but can we expect to see RÚV participate in the contest in the short term?
“It’s too early to tell. At least now, we are very excited to show our audience the competition and we can’t wait to see it.”

Germany sent a delegation to the 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest to observe. This led to their debut last year.

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurofestivales

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