#HALL OF FAME: Two more inductees

#HALL OF FAME: Two more inductees

Here at Eurovision Ireland, we want to celebrate those most illustrious people who have made our favourite TV the thing that it is today.

In each edition, we’ll induct two performer or personalities from somewhere in Eurovision land. These two inductees won their respective countries’ Best of… votes.

So who’s first?

Italy has had many high points through the years, and it was a breath of fresh air when they returned in 2011. Of the Big Five, they’ve had the best record of late, with regular top 10 finishes, a couple of runners-up spots, and of course a win. One of these runners-up is the next inductee. Alessandro Mahmoud, known as Mahmood, went to Tel Aviv and finished second to the Netherlands. Soldi was a hit all over Europe, and even made No.1 in Italy. So on the day RAI announced that Eurovision 2022 will be in Turin, we’re pleased to have him in our Hall of Fame, and Europe probably hasn’t seen the last of Mahmood.

Our next inductees hail from Germany, and are our first group to make it. In 2006 the Hamburg-based quintet went to Athens having won the National Final, also in Hamburg, beating a certain Vicky Leandros no less. Fronted by Australian Jane Comerford, they brought a pleasantly different song to the contest and finished 14th. However, the position you finish at a Eurovision Song Contest is never the end of the story, and Texas Lightning have a performance that stood the test of time and won our Best of Germany vote. No no never was the song title, but it’s definitely a yes from everyone here.

Stay tuned for more inductees into the Eurovision Ireland Hall of Fame.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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