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# Here Today Gone Tomorrow Special : Where are the non- returning 2020 acts now? Part One # Openup

We can all recall the disappointment of the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest being cancelled last year and probably no-one was as disappointed as all the 2020 performers , who were putting their hearts and souls into producing great performances for us in May 2020 . However, whilst many were invited back for a second chance this year, there were 15 of those 2020 performers , who were not or entered into their National Finals , only to lose out to another performer, or who declined the offer of participation in 2021, preferring to give the opportunity to someone else . We at Eurovision Ireland, think those acts deserve a bit of a mention in the run up to this year’s contest , so we are bringing to you in the weeks building up to the 2021 contest , a Here Today , Gone Tomorrow, special series , which focuses solely on those acts and asks the question , what are they doing now ? We start week 1 with the 2020 representatives of Denmark, Sweden ,Norway , Finland and Russia .

Ben & Tan -Should have represented Denmark in 2020

Ben & Tan are otherwise known as Benjamin Rosenbohm and Tanne Balcello, they won the 2020 Danish Melodi Grand Prix with their uplifting song ” Yes”. They won the contest at a time where the Danish Melodi Grand Prix had to take place without an audience due to the concern about the rapid spread of Covid-19 throughout Europe. Unfortunately for Ben and Tan , they didn’t get to present their song on the Eurovision stage because of the cancellation of the 2020 contest .

After the contest had been cancelled, probably much to the disgust of many Danish and other fans of the duo , they were not invited back to the 2021 Melodi Grand Prix .Initially Ben and Tan had denied a desire to take part again , but it later emerged that they had tried to submit a song called ” Iron Heart ” however, it was rejected by the Danish broadcaster DR , they also submitted it for Melodifestivalen in Sweden too but it was also rejected there. Despite this , Ben and Tan released a cover version of a 1988 Danish Song, ” Stjerne nat” . It remains to be seen what the future holds for Ben and Tan. Will we see them try again for Eurovision in future years ? Here is the song they tried to go to DMGP 2021 with , ” Iron Heart”. Do you think it would have stood a chance in this years Danish Melodi Grand Prix ?

Ulrikke Brandstorp – Should have represented Norway in 2020

Ulrikke was a convincing winner of the 2020 Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix , with her power ballad ” Attention”. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see how Ulrikke’s song and performance would have fared in Eurovision 2020. Ulrikke was offered a direct entry to the final of this year’s Melodi Grand Prix but she declined . She di d make an appearance at the Melodi Grand Prix final though, as an interval act , performing a new version of “Attention “and her latest single “Falling Apart” . She also produced a Christmas Album “Spend Christmas with me “. Could Ulrikke be tempted back to try again at Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix in future years ?

The Mamas -Should have represented Sweden in 2020

The Mamas a trio of all female singers , were looking forward to a 2nd taste of Eurovision as Sweden’s representatives in their own right, after having been backing singers for Jon Lundvik at the 2019 contest in Tel Aviv . They narrowly won Melodifestivalen with their song ” Move” in 2020. Unfortunately , fate was to deny them that 2nd chance. They tried again to represent Sweden this year, with their song ” In the Middle ” and made it to the Melodifestivalen final but were beaten by Tusse with the song ” Voices”. They will no doubt continue to make more music on the Swedish music scene . Will they return to Melodifestivalen one year for another go ?

Aksel -Should have represented Finland in 2020

Aksel won the Finnish National selection in 2020 with his song ” Looking Back” . Following the cancellation of Eurovision 2020 , he initially was rumoured not to be participating in this year’s Finnish National selection but then he was announced as one of the participants with the song ” Hurt”. Unfortunately, Aksel was hurt as he came 5th , with the song ” The Dark Side ” by Blind Channel taking victory this year. However , Aksel was nominated by YLE X radio station as a breakthrough artist of 2021 in Finland , he has two record deals, one for music in English and one for music in Finnish.

Little Big -Should have represented Russia in 2020

Little Big needed no introduction to Russian fans and they already had a big following in parts of Europe, since 2013 . They were internally selected to represent Russia in 2020 with the song “Uno”. However cancellation of the contest meant that they didn’t get to show themselves on the Eurovision stage . After “will they , won’t they ?” rumors’ about whether they would be asked to return to the 2021 contest or compete in the Russian national final , they eventually dispelled the rumors by releasing a statement on Instagram ; ” we are not going to Eurovision 2021 , we think that Russia has many talented and unique artists , each one of them deserves the chance to be seen out there”.

Little Big have continued to be very much part of the Russian music scene. They have released a cover version of the song ” Gonna Make you sweat ( everybody dance now ) , which was used over both trailers and closing credits of the Borat Subsequent movie and last month released a new single “Sex Machine”, which it had been rumored that they were putting forward for Eurovision 2021. Will we see them at Eurovision in the future?

So, that’s it , the first 5 of the class of 2020 who didn’t make it to Eurovision 2021. What do you think ? Would you have liked to see them this year in Rotterdam? Please do keep a look out in the coming days for Part 2 of our Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Special , when we will take a look at a further 5 performers from the class of 2020, who we won’t see in 2021. And please do keep watching our site for more great articles and events in the build -up to Rotterdam 2021!

Author: Sarah Rudman

Source : You Tube, Wikipedia , Little Big, DR , NRK , YLE

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