#Cyprus: Elena Tsagrinou will sing “El Diablo” at Eurovision 2021 #openup

Today CyBC1, the national broadcaster of Cyprus, premiered the much awaited video of the entry they will send to the Eurovision song contest 2021 ,to take place in Rotterdam,Netherlands. This year the country will be represented by Elena Tsagrinou with the song ” El diablo “, which is a dance/pop song . The video was premiered on the Happy Hour , which is a popular afternoon show in Cyprus . The song was written by four people two of who are no strangers to Eurovision . Thomas Stengaard was one of the writers of Emmelie De Forrrest’s winning song for Denmark in 2013 “Only Teardrops” and in 2018 , he co -wrote and produced Germany’s entry, “You let me walk alone ” by Michael Schulte. Laurell Barker wrote the UK entry “Bigger than us ” sung by Michael Rice in 2019 and also in that same year she had a hand in Germany’s entry, “Sister” by S!sters and Switzerland’s song, “she got me ” by Luca Hanni . They have joined Jimmy “joker” Thornfeldt , who is a Swedish producer and songwriter and Oxa, a Brazillian born song -writer.

Elena was born in Athens in 1994, she has performed on some of the biggest stages in Greece and Cyprus and co-operated with many other Greek artists . In 2016/17 , she was one of the presenters of the Voice of Greece and now presents her own TV show , K-Popstars on the Greek/Cypriot music channel MADTV

Cyprus will compete in the first semi final in Rotterdam in May. You can see the video on the website Panikmusic .gr HERE . The video will become available on other platforms after 28th February .

What do you think? Do you think Elena has what it takes to repeat the success of Eleni Foureira in 2018 when she came second with her sing ” Fuego ” or even better? Let us know what you think by dropping us a line in our comments box below .

Author: Sarah Rudman

Source : CyBC1 ,

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