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#NORWAY: LIVE BLOG of 4th Heat of Melodi Grand Prix 2021 – LIVE 19:50 CET/18:50 GMT

God Kveld Europa , Godmorgen Australia ! Yes, it’s that time again folks! Tonight Norway continues its search for their act to represent them at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Rotterdam , Netherlands. Tonight another 4 acts will compete in the 4th heat, but only one can earn a spot in the Grand Final of Melodi Grand Prix, due to take place on 20th February at the H3 Arena in Fornebu , Norway!

Tonight’s four contenders hoping for that lucky ticket to the final are:

Kiim – My Lonely Voice
Landeveines Helter – Alt Det Der
Marianne & Mikkel – Pages
Royane – Circus

We will also get a performance from one of the pre-qualified acts – tonight it’s the turn of Atle Pettersen, who will sing “World On Fire”

As in the previous two heats the acts will compete in two duels ,to be drawn at the start of the show , with the winners of each duel going through to a Gold Duel where they will perform again . The winner will go through to the Grand Final on 20th May while the runner up will go through to a second chance round to take place on 15th February .

I know you’ve all been loving Sarah’s commentary these last few weeks, unfortunately she can’t be with us tonight so you’ll have to make do with me, James, as I give you my slant on goings on in Norway LIVE from 19:50 CET / 18:50 GMT. As always, please also feel free to give us a shout and let us know your own views in the comments below , it’s always interesting to see how musical tastes differ!

You know the drill, to follow the action just keep REFRESHING THIS PAGE and you’ll find our latest posts and thoughts about the show. If you need a link to the live show, you can find that courtesy of NRK right HERE


Hei alle sammen! Du er for tidlig! Kom tilbake senere! Hey everyone! You’re too early! Come back later! 😀

You’ve got just under 10 minutes till show time in Norway! Grab your snacks, get comfy and prepare for the best Scandinavian Eurovision pre-selection tonight! (Yes, I did just say that!!)

As always, comment on the blog and let me know how you’re enjoying the show and if you agree!

Are these your numbers? You’ve just won a lot of lovely kroner!

Today is the national day of the Sami people! Lihkusávaldagat!

Here we go!

Norway always put so much effort into their national selections, and this year is no exception – I’m really impressed by the level of songs so far this year!

Oh hi! Our hosts having a bit of a frolic in the grass… remember when we could go outside? Fun times…

People all over Norway enjoying tonight’s show! ❤

Some behind the scenes footage as the competition get a look at each others’ rehearsals… lots of smiling, but are they nervous?

The duels have been decided! Marianne & Mikkel will face off against Landeveines Helter first, then Kiim and Royane. The winners will then go head-to-head (come on, you know the format by now!!)

First up are Marianne and Mikkel, who have Sami heritage – that alone has me very excited for what’s coming next!!

Marianne & Mikkel – Pages

I had high hopes for this because I’m fascinated by Sami culture. Marianne started off a bit shaky with her vocals, which is understandable, opening a show is always a daunting prospect. That being said, I like it. It’s a typical pop-ballad, some bittersweet lyrics with a good heaping of joiking from Mikkel thrown in too. It’s different, but I suspect going up against KEiiNO (similar premise but with the full weight of the fandom behind them) it’ll seem flat by comparison. BUT, I enjoyed it, it was pleasant and I’m always for anything that promotes minority languages. Thanks Marianne and Marianne! Giitu! ❤

I’m surprised how much Norwegian I can follow having studied with Duolingo… I was worried I was just learning nonsense haha

Next up we have Landeveines Helter – who fancy themselves as Norway’s oldest boyband…

Landeveines Helter – Alt Det Der

These guys look like they’re having the time of their lives up on that stage, and it’s brilliant to watch as they have real chemistry together as a quartet. The song itself is a rock track with a bit of a country twang, the kind of thing you can’t help but tap your foot along too. Vocally it’s a bit shouty, but that’s being very snooty – not all songs have to be performed like an aria! They’re having fun and that’s what performing is all about. I like the fact it’s in Norwegian too – great job guys!

Interesting styling choices! It’s awesome though that you can tell they’re friends outside this and aren’t just artists who sing together colleagues.

If you’re voting tonight, you’ve got about 2 minutes left to cast your vote online. That’s going to be a tricky one to call… I like both songs for very different reasons…

Both acts have taken to the stage for the results… whose Melodi Grand Prix dreams are about to end?

Marianne and Mikkel are through! Congratulations! Lihkusávaldagat! Commiserations to Landeveiens Helter!

Catching up now with some contestants whose time in Melodi Grand Prix is over – bless them, some of them are very choked… poor Big Daddy Karsten 😦

Next up is Kiim, who rose to fame after taking part in Norway’s answer to the X Factor

Kiim – My Lonely Voice

Hmmm… it’s all very dark and moody with Kiim, wearing a plum suit in the dark. Bearded dancers cavort in string cages (sentences you never think you’ll write!)… Kiim has an incredibly powerful voice, and this song does a marvellous job of showcasing it, so bravo for that! That ‘woooooo-ooooh’ bit is a bit too Arcade for me, but the audience are going wild for him. And giving how popular he is before Melodi Grand Prix even started, wouldn’t be surprised if that won tonight. But we’ll have to wait and see!

Johnny Logan just pops by to wish Kiim luck… well if that isn’t a golden handshake from the Eurovision Gods, I don’t know what is!

It’s time for our last contestant hoping to make the final – Royane is going to take us to the circus! Weeeeeee….

Royane – Circus

Oh wow… I did not expect that! She really has taken us to the circus! Jugglers, acrobats, a bearded lady and even an elephant! Royane is giving us several shows in one, and while usually something like this could easily get messy on stage, it’s pitched just right – allowing Royane to take centre stage with the strong vocals, but giving the audience something to watch. Admittedly, as a song it feels a tad repetitive, and the whole Greatest Showman theme is definitely what’s carrying the performance, but what a performance to enter a duel with! Bravissima!

So while we wait for the clock to run down on the last duel, I’ll tell you what I’m thinking. I thought Kiim had this stitched up, but Royane gave a very strong performance – so I doubt this is going to be the runaway victory I originally expected it would be. I still think Kiim will emerge victorious, but I suspect it’ll be close…

The gong means we have a decision! Men hvem?

Kiim is through! Meaning he will now have to face Marianne and Mikkel in the Gold Duel

But before we get to the Gold Duel, we get to have a listen to another finalist who already has their spot in the Meoldi Grand Prix final – Atle Pettersen!

Atle PettersenWorld On Fire

Judging by how popular Atle is in Norway, I suspect I’ll become persona non grata there by saying he immediately puts me in mind of Eric Saade and Koit Toome’s lovechild… it can’t be unseen! While the song leaves me fairly indifferent, Atle’s charisma and showmanship is undeniable! He owns that stage and knows how to connect with his home-based audience beautifully. I can see why he’s so popular, he’s a fantastic performer and I suspect he’ll do well in the final!

Do you want to hollow out a Muppet and sit in its carcass on a busy Oslo street, making surreal comments at passers-by? I thought you’d never ask! o_O

Looks like we’re limbering up for the Gold Duel!

Marianne & Mikkel – PagesFinal Duel

A much more confident performance from Marianne this time around! Brilliant! Sometimes a little dash of confidence can do wonders for a performance! I’m happy it did so well tonight and would LOVE for this to win, especially as its the Sami National Day, would be a lovely tribute!

A quick run-through of all the acts qualified for the final of Melodi Grand Prix in a few weeks time. I know this makes me unpopular in Eurovision circles, but Norway ALWAYS put on a spectacular show for their Eurovision selections and dare I say it, I prefer Norsk Melodi Grand Prix to Melodifestivalen. There. I said it. Fight me 😉

Kiim – My Lonely Voice – Final Duel

OK, well that sounded far too much like “My Lovely Horse” for me to not spend the first 30 seconds laughing like maniac!!! Right, time to adult… Kiim is a very strong performer, but for me as much as the song demonstrates what a stunning vocalist he is, that oooooing and oooohing to me is just channelling a bit too much of Arcade… feels like it’s trying to emulate Duncan Laurence. But judging by the reactions he’s getting, I think Norway has other thoughts…

Norway, you’ve got 3 minutes to make your choices!


Our finalists are on the stage… who is going direkt till final and who needs an andra chansen… oh wait, wrong country…

Kiim has won and is through to the final of Melodi Grand Prix! Commiserations to Marianne and Mikkel, you’ll have to try your luck in the second chance round!

A huge thank you for reading along tonight, hope you’ve enjoyed the show! Thank you Europe and good night!

Author: James Scanlan
Source: NRK

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