Eurovision 2020

#Romania – More Details About the Songs and the Jury

Today, during the TVR show ‘Cu Capu’n Zori’, the head of the Romanian delegation for Eurovision, Liana Stanciu, has stated that Roxen and the whole team are working on the material for Roxen’s  postcard (for Eurovision), which is due to be presented to the  organizers next week.

Mrs Stanciu has also stated that at this moment, there are 6 songs in the competition, all sang in English.

The jury will be composed by national radio celebrities and Romanian artists, including former Eurovision participants.

Each jury will receive links to all of the songs and then in a Zoom meeting, they will find out the song with the most votes, who will represent Romania at Rotterdam.

Stay tuned to Eurovision Ireland for more news. Until then, here is the collaboration between Alexander Rybak and Roxen.

Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles

Source: TVR – Youtube Channel

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