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#POLL – Best of Eurovision – ICELAND – VOTE for your all time favourite!

Building on the success of our Best of the Big 5 series, Eurovision Ireland is now broadening its search for your favourite entries from countries across the continent, spanning the contest’s entire back catalogue – that’s well over 1500 songs!

You told us you wanted us to take a look at your Top 10s from Scandinavia – and we listened! Kicking off our Nordic tour in Iceland, we’ve spent the last few week choosing your favourites from the semi-finals – but with 20 contestants left and only one podium in the Eurovision Ireland Hall of Fame for Iceland, there are still some tough decisions to be made!

Here are the fully adjudicated results from both our semi finals, one for songs from odd numbered years and one for even. Both polls are now closed, but if you want to take a peak and see where the other songs ranked, check them out on our Odd Years Poll and Even Years Poll.

1stIs It True? (2009) 360 pointsJe Ne Sais Quoi (2010) 361 points
2ndOpen Your Heart (2003) 318 pointsThis Is My Life (2008) 330 points
3rdMinn Hinsti Dans (1997) 287 pointsNever Forget (2012) 279 points
4thÉg Á Líf (2013) 279 pointsHear Them Calling (2016) 276 points
5thAll Out Of Luck (1999) 253 pointsNei Eða Já (1992)  264 points
6thIf I Had Your Love (2005)222 pointsThink About Things (2020) 232 points
7thComing Home (2011) 214 pointsNo Prejudice (2014) 225 points
8th Þá Veistu Svarið (1993)211 pointsNætur (1994) 223 points
9thHatrið Mun Sigra (2019) 166 pointsGleðibankinn (1986) 207 points
10thValentine Lost (2007)165 points Eitt Lag Enn (1990)  178 points

But don’t let these results influence you – all scores have been reset to zero, so anyone can seize victory! Any one of these 20 songs could be crowned your favourite Eurovision song from Iceland and win that coveted spot in the Eurovision Ireland Hall of Fame!

Use your votes wisely – as always, you can vote for your Top 10! The results will be announced in a video that will be posted next week – so don’t delay, cast your vote now!!

Author: James Scanlan
Source: Eurovision Ireland

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