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#Norway : Tonight : Semi final 1 of NMGP 2021 # LIVE BLOG from 19:50 CET ,18:50 GMT

God Kveld Europa , God Morgen Australia ! Tonight , Norway kicks off its search for their act to represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest in May, hosted in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This year 26 acts are competing for that golden ticket , with six acts already pre qualified to the Grand Final , to take place on 20th February at the H3 Arena , Fornebu . The remaining 20 acts have been split into five semi finals with only one act from each semi final to go forward to the Grand Final . Amongst the pre qualified acts are the winners of the public vote at ESC 2019 in Tel Aviv in 2019 , Keiino .We will see them perform their song ” Monument ” during the show , along with Tix , a Norwegian artist and songwriter with his song ” Ut av Mørket”

Our hosts through out this year’s shows are :Kåre Magnus Bergh, Ingrid Gjessing Linhave and Ronny Brede. Those of you who followed last year’s contest will no doubt remember them well as they hosted the 2020 edition too .

The acts we will see tonight are :

  • Stina Talling – Elevate
  • Jørn – Faith Bloody Faith
  • Blåsemafian ft. Caroline ‘Hazel’ Teigen – Let Loose
  • Beady Belle – Playing With Fire

Join me, Sarah at 19:50 CET , 18:50 GMT when I will be guiding you through the evening , bringing you my thoughts and opinions on the show as we go along . Please do feel free to add your comments and thoughts, it’s always interesting to see how different tastes in music can be .For those of you who are following us for the first time and a reminder for those returning, you can keep up with us by :


You can also follow the action live HERE


You’re a bit early…..come back in just under an hour when we will be ready to go live to Norway , to the H3 Arena in Forenbu .

Good evening and welcome back to our live blog of Semi Final 1 of the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix. Just while we’re waiting for proceedings to begin, I’ll just go through how the successful act will be chosen tonight . Voting will be 100% public voting, the four acts will be split into two duels, the winners of each duel then go to the next round , where the winner will be selected and will go on to join the pre qualified finalists at the Final on 20th February

Just watching the Norwegian lottery results , someone in Norway may be lucky tonight!

Here we go…just going through last year , poor Ulrike never got her chance

here we go , Introducing the four acts for this evening on stage

Making the draw for the duels now….

Stina v Beadsy Belle

Jorn V Bademafian

Stina Talling “Elevate

Stina is just 17 years old and known in Norway for You Tube Videos and vlogging .She’s joined on stage by four backing dancers , contemporary movements , she’s very elegently dressed and the staging is dark, , with use of smoke effects. It’s a nice song but that’s it . For someone so young, she gives a confident performance though

Beady Belle -Playing with Fire

She’s a vocalist, artist , song writer and producer, who has toured internationally.Staging looks a bit like Sergey’s for Russia in 2019 with the mirror effects and Beady Belle, dressed a bit like Ruth Jacott in 1993!Joined by 4 male backing dancers in black prancing around on stage . I am a bit disappointed that considering the song is called ” Playing with Fire ” , there aren’t any actual fire effects on stage. The staging is quite bland and disappointing and the song just feels very average. I think this duel is going to be hard to pick from but think I would choose Stina,

So that’s the first duel…..who would you choose? I think Stina may get this as the performance was slightly more polished

Nervous time for them :

And ……STINA HAS GONE THROUGH……That’s one I’ve got right !

I think we might be seeing Keiino perform in a minute …. 🙂

Keiino are not participating tonight as they are already qualified for the Grand Final but they are showing us their entry ” Monument” tonight

Well., they said it would be different to Spirit in the Sky and this certainly goes away from the Europop stuff , it’s classy and typical Keiino staging . At least we still have Fred joiking ! A strong contender but will it have the same kind of impression with the norwegian voting public as Spirit in the Sky did ?

They’re happy with the performance….

On with the show and Duel 2

Jorn ” Faith bloody faith “

Now this I am looking forward to as I love a bit of rock in Eurovision, Jorn has performed with some high profile rock bands, including Masterplan and I am hoping not to be disappointed !

Well, it’s definitely a rock stage , drums, fire and rock singing ! However , for me , it doesn’t quite have the impact that other rock bands at Eurovision have had . I think it would probably get out of the semis if it goes to Rotterdam as rock does often do well at Eurovision but maybe get lost in the final

Now onto the last act

Blasemafian featuring Hazel

A group of three men and featuring Hazel who is a Norwegian artist ,this is one of the most known bands in Norway. We start with a bit of jazz with saxophones then joined by Hazel ‘s vocals. They remind me a bit of Sunstroke Project , the guys aren’t singing , Hazel is doing it all . It’s a mix of jazz and pop and I quite like it ! It’s very much a song that could do well in Eurovision

By the way the acts get an opportunity to speak with family and supporters virtually after they have performed as due to COVID restrictions , there is no public audience tonight . The supporters have done a saxophone tribute to them here .

So….who will win duel 2 and go through to the Golden final ? This is a hard one to call but I think Blåsemafian might do it, we’ll see …

Blåsemafian are through !!!!

Now going through a history of former Melodi Grand Prix winners , lots of familar faces there , Rybak,Morland and Debra Scarlett

Now we’re introduced to the second pre qualifier …

Tix “Ut av Mørket “

The angel look is back ! Azerbaijan 2008 anyone remember? With angels in chains moving around on the floor for backing singers! Tix in a long , white fluffy coat with angel wings and wearing dark glasses It’s weird and I had to look twice to believe what I was seeing ! Interesting is all I can say ! I am actually distracted from the song because of staring at the outfits !

The Golden Final

Stina Talling Elevate

Stina sells this song well and it sounds more polished on the second go. Nice vocals and well staged , the contemporary dancing fits well with the staging and mood . Could Stina do well in Rotterdam ? I think yes

Blåsemafian ft Hazel ” Let Loose”

I love this more on the second hearing . It is definitely something very Eurovision ,it’s a happy , let’s get up and dance performance and Hazel’s vocals are great . I think this would be a strong contender if it goes to the final in February .

So…who will get that ticket to the final on 20th February ? This is tense !!!



So they go through to the final on 20th February , to join the already 6 pre qualified finalists . What do you think ? Do you think the Norwegian public made the right choice this evening ?

Thank you for joining me tonight, it’s been fun . See you next week, same time , same place for Semi final 2 of MGP 2021 !

Author: Sarah Rudman

Source: NRK

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