Best of Eurovision

#POLL – What group of countries do YOU want the Best of Eurovision to look at next?

Over the last couple of months, Eurovision Ireland have been looking for your all time favourite songs from the Big 5 members of the Eurovision Song Contest, and also Ireland. Each month, we run semi finals, a final and then reveal the results on a live video through our Facebook channel. And as we’ve been promising for some time now, it’s over to you to decide where we go next!

The remaining countries (except for Morocco, as it’s difficult to do a Top 10 with only one entry!!) have been grouped part-geographically, part-culturally and in some cases by whether they’ve won yet or not to form 9 groups, named A to I. Now it couldn’t be simpler – just vote for which set of countries that you want to see us run polls for, release a Best of Eurovision video and earn the winner a spot in the Eurovision Ireland Hall of Fame! Easy!

You have only a week to vote, so don’t delay! Want to have a look at the Best of the Big 5 and Ireland’s videos again? You can see them here:


As Serbia and Montengro only entered Eurovision twice, their poll will run the same week as the poll for Yugoslavia – meaning we’ll have two entrants into the Eurovision Ireland Hall of Fame that month!

Get voting and look out for future Eurovision Ireland polls coming soon!

Author: James Scanlan
Source: Eurovision Ireland
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