#TURKVISION: Seven More 2020 Participants Known

While we await a date for this year’s Contest, which will be taking place online for the first time, a further seven participants have been announced. They are:

  • Albania will be represented by Rovena Stefa. She will be singing “Zjarr” in both the Albanian and Turkish languages.
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina will be represented by Armin Muzaferiya. He will be singing “Džehva” in the Bosnian language.
  • Gagauzia will be represented by Yulia Arnaut. Her song and the language it will be sung in has yet to be revealed.
  • Moldova will be represented by Pelageya Stefoglo. She will be singing “Ateş Gibi” in the Turkish language.
  • Romania will be represented by Sunai Giolacai. He will be singing “Niye?” in the Turkish language.
  • Tatarstan will be represented by Diliya Ahmetshina. She will be singing “Ğafu it, awılım” in the Tatar language.
  • Ukraine will be represented by Natalie Papazoglu. She will be singing “Sari Gelin” in an unspecified language.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix World

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