#Here Today,Gone Tomorrow- what happened to our stars and hosts after Eurovision?

Over the last weeks , we at Eurovision Ireland have been taking a look at the fates and fortunes of the many performers and hosts who have graced our beloved contest over the years. Once all that pre-contest preparation was over and the actual contest had taken place what path did they then take ? Did Eurovision make or break their careers after the contest?

Today, we are taking a trip all the way back to 1975, the year after Abba had won the contest with “Waterloo”, which led to the contest being held in Stockholm, Sweden. The presenter that evening on 22nd March 1975 was Karin Falck.

Life before Eurovision

Karin was born in 1932 in Sweden. She started her long -standing career working for Sveriges Radio, now known as SVT. She appeared in may TV programmes as actress, producer or director.

Please note that this clip is in the Swedish Language

Karin at Eurovision

In 1975 , following Abba’s victory at the 1974 contest with Waterloo, Sweden hosted the contest, although this was originally with some reluctance on their part due to the huge costs. They were wanting to ask all the participating countries to contribute towards the hosting costs but talks broke down. They pulled out of the contest the following year. Karin was chosen as host and gave a charming presentation , if not with some slight confusion and fluster during the voting when she asked ” How much is 7 in French ?”

Karin after Eurovision

Following her hosting of Eurovision 1975 , Karin continued a successful career with Sveriges Radio ,SVT as it later became , as a director and producer .In 2007, she was awarded a Lifetime achievement award at the Swedish Kristallen awards . Today Karin is the grand age of 88 years old . Her first husband was Ragnar Sohlman, who she divorced in 1960 and by who she had two children, Rolf and Anna , her 2nd husband , Åke Falck died in 1974 , they had one daughter, Carolina and her long time partner , Hans Dahlberg died last year.

We have not seen Karin at Eurovision again since her hosting the contest all those years ago in 1975 but I am sure she is lovingly remembered by many Swedes and Eurovision fans world wide, who were around at that time , for her charming manner on the evening of 22nd March 1975.

Author; Sarah Rudman

Source: SVT, Aftonbladt , You Tube ,Wikipedia

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