Eurovision 2020

#JESC20: Final Twelve Finalists In Kazakhstan Announced

Khabar Agency, the Kazakh broadcaster, has announced the final twelve finalists for their nation selection ahead of this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest, in Warsaw. They are:

  • Saniya Altınbekkizi
  • Adiya Burhanova
  • Kamila Gazizkizi
  • Makim Jan
  • Aydana Jumajan
  • Basanova Karakat
  • Nursat Kusanova
  • Akjibek Manarbekkizi
  • Ayim Mukitanova
  • Islam Saypollda
  • Aykerim Tleubek
  • Mahinur Tursunova

Ahead of the Kazakh national selection on Saturday 26th September, the finalists will work on their songs that they wish to represent Kazakhstan with in Warsaw.

The format of the national selection will depend on the current Coronavirus pandemic. The public will have 100% control in deciding the winner. However in the event of a tie at the top, the jury will be brought back to decide the winner.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix

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