Eurovision 2020

#POLL – Who would YOU have voted for tonight in SEMI FINAL 2?

Tonight would have been the Second Semi Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, coming to us live from the Dutch port of Rotterdam. 10 of the 18 countries taking part would have advanced on to Saturday’s Grand Final.

Of course, due to ongoing restrictions to contain the spread of COVID-19, the contest has been cancelled for this year. But if we know Eurovision fans, we know that they had chosen their favorites months ago and already had a pretty good idea who they would have picked up the phone for tonight!

Poll will close at 22:45 CET tonight, and at the later time of 23:00 CET we will announce the qualifiers LIVE through Eurovision Ireland’s Facebook page! All results will be kept hidden till then!

So now is the time to let us know! Vote for your 10 favourites (Your Top Ten!) below!

ALBANIA – Fall From The Sky – Arilena Ara

ARMENIA – Chains On You – Athena Manoukian

AUSTRIA – Alive – Vincent Bueno

BULGARIA – Tears Getting Sober – Victoria

CZECH REPUBLIC – Kemama – Benny Cristo

DENMARK – Yes – Ben & Tan

ESTONIA – What Love Is – Uku Suviste

FINLAND – Looking Back – Aksel

GEORGIA – Take Me As I Am – Tornike Kipiani

GREECE – Superg!rl – Stefania

ICELAND – Think About Things – Daði og Gagnamagnið

LATVIA – Still Breathing – Samanta Tīna

MOLDOVA – Prison – Natalia Gordienko

POLAND – Empires – Alicja

PORTUGAL – Medo De Sentir – Elisa

SAN MARINO – Freaky! – Senhit

SERBIA – Hasta La Vista – Hurricane

SWITZERLAND – Répondez-Moi – Gjon’s Tears

Made up your mind? Vote below! Remember you can vote for up to 10 songs!

Remember to join us from 23:00 CET / 22:00 GMT tonight for the results LIVE through Eurovision Ireland’s Facebook page!

Author: James Scanlan
Source: Eurovision Ireland / YouTube

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