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#ESC2021: Interview with Natalia Gordienko from Moldova

Eurovision Ireland’s Sarah and James were lucky enough to catch up with Moldova’s Natalia Gordienko between rehearsals at Eurovision 2021. How does being at Eurovision 2021 compare with Eurovision 2006? How are rehearsals going in Rotterdam? And just what was Natalia getting up to on the set of […]


Want a review that doesn’t take up all of your precious time? Your favourite lightening-fast review show is back for 2022 – it’s Review in Two, better known as #ReVu2! Each of the 41 countries taking part in Turin will all have their #ReVu2 moment, so if your […]

#Moldova – Want to Hear Prison in Acapella?

Natalia Gordienko won Moldova’s National Selection for Eurovision last Saturday evening. Eurovision Ireland was lucky enough to catch the moment when she and her backing singers gave a little acapella rendition of Prison for the press. We think you’ll agree, it’s something quite special! Have a listen to […]