Eurovision 1973

#IRELAND: Mickey Harte Has An Unknown Indirect Duet With Anne-Marie David

Mickey Harte has indirectly duetted with the Eurovision Song Contest winner, Anne-Marie David. Anne-Marie took victory in 1973, while Mickey Harte finished in 11th place, in 2003.

When Anne-Marie David saw Mickey Harte’s version of “Wonderful Dream” (“Tu te reconnaitras”), she had the following to say:

“When I heard it at home 3 days ago, I immediately fell in love with his version. A few minutes later, I tried to add my voice in duet…thinking it could be the best way for me to celebrate and offer you “Wonderful dream” as a testimony of my love and gratitude to all those who have carried me in their hearts all these precious years ! I love you all …God bless you ! Keep safe and healthy…and ….ENJOY !!!”

You can watch the indirect duet below:

Video: YouTube/Anne Marie David

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: RTE

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