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God aften Europa, God morgen Australien! Tonight Denmark will choose the successor to last year’s Danish representative, Leonora. Ten acts will compete for the Danish ticket to Rotterdam, with three of them going through to a Superfinal , decided by a mix of public vote together with a panel of music professionals. For the first time in a long time, the final is being staged in Copenhagen, with a live orchestra being used for the first time since 1999. Unfortunately, as we heard yesterday, the spread of Corona virus is now starting to impact on major events , as the Danish Prime minister Mette Fredericksen,announced that the government was recommending that any major organised events consisting of audiences over 1000 people be cancelled or postponed. DR took the decision to go ahead without an audience, so there will be many disappointed people today . It will certainly seem strange not to have an audience cheering the participants on !

Taking part tonight ( in order of appearance) are :

Isam B “Bølger

Ben and Tan”Yes”

Maja og de sarte sjæle “Den eneste goth i Vejle

Benjamin Kissi “Faith”

Emil Ville ønske jeg havde kendt dig

Sys Bjerre ” Honestly”

Jamie Talbot”Bye bye Heaven”

Sander Sanchez “Screens”

Kenny Duerland “Forget it all”

Jasmin Rose ft Roxor Loops “Human”

Sit back,relax and let me, Sarah, take you through the events of the evening with our live blog at 20:00 CET. You know the drill, just keep up with the events by REFRESHING THIS PAGE. Please feel free to give us your thoughts on the acts as we go along , as it’s always interesting to see how much musical tastes can differ !

If you want to watch the events live, you can , by tuning in HERE


You’re a little early 😊 , tune in at 20:00 CET, 19:00 GMT to join the action live from Copenhagen !

God aften til jer alle ! Good evening everyone! We’re shortly going to go live to the Royal Arena in Copenhagen, once DR have allowed us on to their live stream. Tonight’s hosts are Hella Joof, a Danish actress and director and Rasmus Bjerg , also a Danish actor but he is also a comedian and singer. I have a feeling they will have their work cut out tonight with no audience there to add to the atmosphere and encouraging the participants along ! I had a little listen to the songs earlier this week and am curious as to how the acts will stage their performances tonight .

Just going through the Danish adverts at the moment

Here we go…..we have sounds replicating an audience and start with some rap singing !

Here are our hosts for this evening Hella and Rasmus…you’ll grow to love them ! They’re just explaining the voting rules….only in Denmark ofcourse ! The voting will consist of jury and public vote

No messing about, we’re onto the first performance !

Isam B “Bølger

Dressed in black, with a stage background of lights shining upwards, Isam B sings in Danish ,the stage imaging then changes to what looks like fire burning . It’s pleasant enough but not a winner for me

Ben and Tan”Yes”

Now this is reportedly one of the favourites to win tonight .It’s a lively number with Ben and Tan reminding me a bit of Common Linnetts meets Channee and N’er green ! Staging graphics giving out the words Say Yes as they sing . Good vocals and they are confident on stage . Think this is in with a good chance of the win

By the way they have audience sound effects to replace the real audience, just to try and make things more realistic !

Meeting the Danish judging panel now, consisting of musical experts, discussing what they are looking for in tonight’s acts

Maja og de sarte sjæle “Den eneste goth i Vejle

Hella , when talking to the jury , pointed out , rightly , that there are 3 songs in Danish this evening and this is another one of them .I must admit that seeing the word goth in the song title, I expected to see a dark staging , with singers dressed as goths, but I am disappointed ! We have a male/female duo , casually dressed ,with a very simple staging but ….we have a goth like yellow symbol in the background. It’s very indie style music but nothing outstanding . I feel this wouldn’t go far if it goes to Rotterdam

Benjamin Kissi “Faith”

The song is called ” Faith” ( not to be confused with the George Michael song !) .With a red and black stage , which changes to black and white and Benjamin casually dressed in trousers , tee shirt and hat, he’s supported by a band . It’s the kind of song that is pleasant enough but very forgettable and more a radio song than for Eurovision.

Emil Ville ønske jeg havde kendt dig

Emil qualified to the final as a chosen wild card by the regional judges. His song is dedicated to his grandfather and wishing he had known him .It’s sung in Danish and is a nice , quiet little number , with Emil on stage with four backing musicians / singers , very like Tom Dice who sang for Belgium in 2010 . It’s obviously a very personal song to Emil and he sings it from the heart, in the way that Duncan Laurence sang Arcade last year.

We’re having interviews with the public now about music and what it means to them

Sys Bjerre ” Honestly”

Oh, here we have a song about climate change! Sys talks about wanting polar bears still being around for our children???? We’ve got violins, backing musicians and Sys looks like her frock’s been through the shredder ! ( well , that must represent the recycling bit then 🙂 ) .The staging is like a forest background . It’s a nice little song . Greta Thunberg will love this !

Jamie Talbot”Bye bye Heaven”

Jamie has appeared in X factor and tonight he’s alone on stage , initially with a blue/ black background, and then changing to red sky, presumably representing heaven . The light colour changes , remind me a lot of Duncan Laurence’s staging last year .His vocals are good but he doesn’t connect too well with the camera, which is important at Eurovision.

Sander Sanchez “Screens”

Sander starts by sitting alone on stage in a chair then stands up and walks around. Staging has constantly changing led’s with Sander wearing quite a dazzling silver jacket! song ends with fire effects on stage . Once again , it’s ok, but nothing that really grabs my attention .

Kenny Duerland “Forget it all”

Kenny is alone on stage ,again a very ” Duncanesque” like staging . I can’t help but feel there are so many acts trying to replicate last year’s winner this year . He sings “Forget it all ” and to be honest , by the end of tonight , I may have forgotten this !

Jasmin Rose ft Roxor Loops “Human”

Another favourite to win this tonight and at last we have something more uptempo and lively , clever staging effects with red background showing flowers growing .Jasmin is dressed in red and has a backing singer who is dressed a bit like the tin man out of the Wizard of Oz ! It’s certainly the liveliest tonight but still lacking a certain something for me .

And that’s it folks…that’s your 10 songs tonight. Who do you think should go to the Superfinal? My predictions are ; Ben and Tan , Jasmine , I am struggling to pick a 3rd but think Emil may make it just for the fact that it may have the Tom Dice effect that worked so well for Belgium in 2010

We’re just getting a recap of the songs tonight .

Over to the panel now for an opinion. Hard to work out who they are going for but did briefly hear Ben and Tan being mentioned .

I don’t know whether it’s the fact that we haven’t got a live audience or the songs but I don’t feel that this Melodio Grand Prix has been as good as previous years this year .

Here are the Super finalists

Sander Sanchez

Ben & Tan


I got 2/3 ! Surprised that Jasmine didn’t get through but maybe the flower power staging and costumes may have put voters off !I had a feeling Emil would get through .

Back to the panel and the hosts advising again how to vote , by sending an SMS . Please don’t try this unless you’re in Denmark

Super final

Ben & Tan ” Yes”

Their vocals seem much stronger on the second go. It’s a very anthemic sound with the ” say yes, say yes” words very prominent in the song. It’s certainly the strongest performance by far and given all the ballads that have been chosen by other countries this year, think Denmark would be as well to send something like this .

Emil Ville ønske jeg havde kendt dig

Emil gives a confident performance and it still very much reminds me of Tom Dice . Will Denmark take the plunge and send a song in their own language? It might help to stand out in a year heavily overloaded with ballads !

We have an appearance from former Danish winners, Emmelie De Forrest and Leonora. I would choose either of them tonight to represent Denmark again and neither are my most favoured Danish Eurovision participants !

Sander Sanchez ” Screens”

I feel this is the weakest of the super finalists tonight . His bright jacket does kind of detract from the song, which doesn’t really go anywhere and is quite repetitive, sorry Sander!

I think the DR have tried hard as they can to put on the best show they can but it really does miss the reactions of a live audience.

I thought it was only a matter of time……We’re having a singing medley by the hosts !

We should hopefully get the winner soon

And it’s ………

Ben & Tan with “Yes”!!!!

Not a surprise at all , they were the best tonight , in my opinion .So they will go forward to represent Denmark in Rotterdam in semi final 2 on 14th May. Can they get Denmark to the Grand Final again ?

Thank you for joining me tonight, it’s been fun . Goodnight Europe, Good morning Australia !

Author: Sarah Rudman

Source: DR

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