#AUSTRIA – Press Conference with Vincent Bueno will make you feel ALIVE!

Today Austrian boradcaster ORF presented Vincent Bueno’s Eurovision entry “Alive” to selected Press and Fans at a press conference in the Austrian capital, Vienna. Luckily enough, Eurovision Ireland’s own Sascha Frasz was among those attending the event!

If you’re a fan of a mixture of electronic funk, retrofunk, K-pop & dance music, Austria and Vincent Bueno might have a special treat for you tomorrow morning!

A very emotional ORF program director Kathi Zechner opened today’s press event with the words: “It’s a great joy that Austria is represented by Vincent, who shows that he is a true Austrian, he also shows that Austria is a part of this World, that is brave and has especially confidence in their musicians who enjoy the full support by ORF and they reward the artist gives back to us is 100% the performance you’ll see on stage. We strongly believe in Vincent, and his team around him, that he really will #OpenUp hearts in May in Rotterdam with his warm-hearted natural, special attitude, confidence and cosmopolitan style for Austria. And we all should be very proud of that!”

Shackled bones, around all these thrones come screaming.
Behind a wall of ego, there is a hidden hero in us, in us, in all of us

Like mentioned above Alive! is a successful mixture of different musical styles, as Vincent roars out the first part of the lyrics in the beginning – which gives you extreme retro-funk vibes – just to built up the pace seconds later with a great beat behind it. It also is a great production to combined modern electronic & dance music, with influences of K-pop elements as well. The biggest plus of this entry is probably the hook which stays in many minds for sure for a little while – still hearing it in my mind btw 🙂 In the end Vincent strips it all back to the essential part, which adds a little bit dramatic to the entry.

I’m like a little matchbox.
All I need is a little spark.
To light this whole world up, prepare for fireshots.
Only you can make me feel alive again, alive again.

And a further treat is they very well produced music video which mostly is located in a sort of an industrial hall where Vincent is partly surrounded by dancers or pulling of his killer moves on his own. The video is embedded with slow motion shots, strongly striking pictures which complete the song in a great way. The video is produced by David “Davey” Yang, SUITCASE MEDIA.

It’s overthrown
And I am on my own alive again.

To sum this press conference up: If you are looking for a bop at this years Eurovision you probably will find it with Austria. You can hear “Alive” for the first time tomorrow morning, Thursday 5 March at 07:30 CET, during the “Ö3 Morning Show”. The official music video will also be published on YouTube.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to hearing Austria’s song tomorrow? Do you think we could be back in Vienna for 2021?

Let us know what you think!

Author: Sascha Frasz
Source: ORF

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