Eurovision 2020

#Poland : This afternoon , Szansa na Sukces Polish National Final: Live blog from 15:15 CET

Dzien Dobry Europie , Warsaw calling ! Today, it’s Poland’s turn to select its entry for Rotterdam . After three semi finals , the acts have now been reduced to three who will battle it out in the final this afternoon hoping to win that golden ticket to represent Poland in Rotterdam . The three hopeful acts are as follows :

Kasia Deren

Alicja Szemplinska

Albert Cerny

Please join me, Sarah as we follow the events live from Warsaw this afternoon. I will be adding my views on the songs as we go through the afternoon’s proceedings. You know the drill, just REFRESH THE PAGE .Feel free to add any comments as we go along ,it’s always nice to get different views as we are all different in our tastes in music and what we think will or will not work at Eurovision. You can also tune in to the action yourself via TVP2 OR TVP2 WEBSTREAM


You’re too early , come back at 15.15 CET when we will go live to Warsaw for all the fun and action .

And we’re back ! Just waiting now for the show to start . The host today will be Artur Orzech .

And here we go …..Artur introducing us to our s jury members today you may recognize them all

Cleo ( 2014) Michael Szpak ( 2016) Gromee( 2018)

Just going through a recap of the semi finals .Meeting the three finalists now . Now we’re meeting the first act , Kasia Deren. They are talking about Lena from Germany 2010 . The state of play this afternoon is that the acts will each sing a song of their choice before singing the song they would sing at Eurovision .

Kasia Deren -” Satellite”

Kasia is giving us her own rendition of Lena and Satellite, dressed in a silver dress. Unfortunately it’s not in the same league as Lena. Her vocals aren’t bad but on this very simple stage it’s hard to tell whether her vocals would be as effective on a bigger stage . It’s not bad but let’s see what her Eurovision song is like later.

Have to say that the staging and set up seems more like watching a quiz show than a Eurovision national final !

Now meeting our second hopeful act Alicja Semplinska , sounds like she’s going to be giving us her version of Euphoria ……this will be interesting !

Alicja Szemplinska ” Euphoria”

Oh dear, Loreen Alicja is not! she’s in an all white trouser suit and to be honest , it sounds nothing like Loreen . She’s off key in parts , again I will reserve judgement until her own Eurovision song

Now we’re meeting Albert Czerney, as you will all remember he represented Czech republic last year with Lake Malawi , interesting that he is not going to sing Friend of a Friend but Fairy Tale by Alexander Ryback !

Albert Czerney ” FairyTale”

Albert is in a dark suit , but unlike Ryback, has no violin, these are provided by two lovely polish ladies in the orchestra ! He actually doesn’t do a bad rendition of this ,he’s as good , if not better than Ryeback . He makes some movements on the stage and connects well with the camera. It’s not bad .

Recap now of all three acts performing their Eurovision songs . Who will the jury like and more importantly , who will the Polish public go for ?

Artur is now talking to Albert, sounds as if they are talking about his Eurovision experience in Tel Aviv last year . The jury are being asked their opinions on him .

Albert Czerney- ” Lucy”

Albert is now singing his Eurovbision song . It’s an uptempo pop song , which Albert sings well, His vocals are as good as they were in Tel Aviv . This is a very small stage but we already know that Albert can cut it live , so will the poles put their faith in his experience and choose him ?

Alicja’s turn now to sing her Eurovision song

Alicja Szemplinska “Empires”

Empires is a power ballad and Alicja reminds me a bit of Edyta from 1994 , who, up to now has brought Poland their best ever result in Eurovision . Alicja sings well overall . Her vocals are much better singing her own song and she hits the high notes really well. Could she get Poland through to the final in Rotterdam ?

Kasia Deren ” Count on Me “

Another uptempo song, Kasia is joined on stage by male backing singers. Again singing her own song is showing the best of her vocals and she does sell the song well. It’s upbeat and Kasia looks like she’s enjoying herself on stage . Could the poles go for something like this. Would it do well in Rotterdam? I think possibly could

We seem to have lost the live link , hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly ….

And we’re back…. with a recap of the artists singing their own Eurovision songs . At this stage it’s hard to pick a winner but think if I were the voting Pole, I would probably go for the experience of Albert…he’s done it all before !

We have the results already !

Results from SMS voting

Results from Jury

Alicja Szemplinska is the clear winner !

We’re getting a reprise of the winning song now….that has to be the quickest set of results I have ever seen in a National Final !

What do you think of the result? Do you think Alicja will get Poland back to the Grand Final in Rotterdam ?

Thank you for joining me this afternoon. Enjoy the rest of the day Europe !

Author:Sarah Rudman

Source: TVP

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