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#SWEDEN: #LiveBlog of Melodifestivalen 2020 SF2 – #JoinUs from 20:00 CET

Good evening Europe and good morning Australia. Tonight is Semi Final 2 of Melodifestivalen 2020!!! Join me, Richard, as we witness the second seven acts fight it out for the first two spots in the Grand Final.

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And we are off! Gothenburg calling! The Hosts start the show in a sketch looking back at last week’s show and the critics.

We join Linnea, Lina and David for an opening spectacular – a song focussing on the history of Melodifestivalen. They are wearing some very dark green, yet sparkly outfits.

We have a recap who went direct to the final, as well as Andra Chansen, before been introduced to this week’s artists.

Klara Hammarström – Nobody

Klara is joined by four backing dancers in the opening shot. Klara is in a black bodysuit, covered in sparkly bits. “Nobody” has an r ‘n’ b sound about it. Klara has great vocals, yet the overall performance doesn’t grab me.

Jan Johansen – Miraklernas tid

Jan Johansen is a late replacement in the original line-up. Jan is dressed all in black. Vocals are good, while connection with both the cameras and the audience shows that he is an old pro at this game – Jan represented Sweden back in 1995. A very simple performance that works well.

Now for a small sketch with the hosts.

Dotter – Bulletproof

Dotter starts the performance laying down on the stage, with her reflection visible. While she is in black, there is an awful lot of red lighting going on. Laser lighting is also used, which helps to tell the story of the song at various intervals. Another modern song, which will no doubt attract the more youthful audience.

Méndez feat. Alvaro Estrella – Vamos amigos

“Vamos amigos” has a very cuban party feel about it. Very colourful, as if we were all joining them at a carnival. Mendez tries to connect with the audience, however the reaction is muted to say the least at times.

Linda Bengtzing – Alla mina sorger

On a dark stage, Linda is dressed in red, with a white accessory, building up to the song’s chorus – the schlager of yesteryear kicks in! This is the upbeat style of song we are used to hearing from Linda and the genre of song that Melodifestivalen fans of a certain age love. The balloons are been waved in the audience – they love this!

Paul Rey – Talking in My Sleep

There is something about the acts been dressed in black tonight! A low lit staging, acts as an intimate setting for this low-mid tempo sorting. The production elements give a dreamy feel to the performance – something quite apt to “Talking in My Sleep”. The backing singers are off stage, but actually they would work well on stage nearer the end.

Anna Bergendahl – Kingdom Come

Stood on a raised piece of staging, the armography helps creating dramatic effects along with the lighting. Anna has brought another schlager-esq entry to the proceedings this evening – very much appreciated. For the second half of the performance, she is surrounded by six male backing dancers. All seven of them, are surprisingly, dressed in black. In terms of production values, probably the most dramatic of the evening in terms of effects.

The first round of voting is now open.

Linnea, David and Lina are now talking about the Melodifestivalen Hall of Fame. Some of the inductees are been highlighted.

The first round of voting is closed. Here come the results…

Through to the second round of voting are: Klara Hammarström, Anna Bergendahl, Paul Rey, Méndez feat. Alvaro Estrella and Dotter.

The second round of voting is now open.

Linnea delivers a monologue before a bit of a song.

The second round of voting is closed.

Before the results, a short montage of those winning the Melodifestivalen Final.

Here come the results…

Direct to the Final: Anna Bergendahl – Kingdom Come

Through to Andra Chansen: Paul Rey – Talking in My Sleep & Méndez feat. Alvaro Estrella – Vamos amigos

Direct to the Final: Dotter – Bulletproof

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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