#BIRTHDAY: John Lundvik from Sweden is 37 today

BIRTHDAY: John Lundvik from Sweden is 37 today

The contest in Tel Aviv seems a long time ago now. Indeed, we’re now all thinking of 2020 in Rotterdam. We may have stopped thinking of what might have been, especially with the thrilling climax to what happened in Israel.

In other news, our friends in Sweden have had an excellent record of late and, who knows, they’re only one win away from achieving Ireland status. In Tel Aviv, SVT sent today’s birthday boy John Lundvik. He was a writer of note as well as a singer. And he’s a sprinter too. If he were Andorran, he’d hold the national record. But anyway, had the 2019 contest been decided on juries alone, Mr Lundvik would almost have brought Sweden its seventh victory. As it was, the public of Europe (and Australia) only saw fit to give him one maximum. Just imagine how he must have felt. Or watch the contest to get an idea.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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