Eurovision 2020

#SLOVENIA – LIVE BLOG of EMA FREŠ 2020 #OpenUp at 20:00 CET

Dober večer Evrope in dobro jutro Avstralija! This is Ljubljana calling! Tonight is the final of EMA Freš, meaning we’ll find out the last 2 finalists for EMA – Slovenia’s Eurovision national selection!

Sit back and relax, and let Eurovision Ireland’s own James Scanlan entertain and inform you. As always, let me what you’re thinking and give your opinions about tonight’s contestants and songs – I’ll shout out to you if you do!

Tonight’s show comes to us courtesy of Slovenian broadcaster RTVSLO live from Ljubljana, Slovenia’s postcard perfect capital. There will be two winners tonight, one selected by a jury and one by a televote. These 2 acts will then join the other 10 finalists at EMA, which will take place on February 22nd. Confused? Don’t be, it’s just like a pre-selection! 😉

You know the drill: Just refresh this page to get the comments and points of view!

You can watch the live show HERE from 20:00 CET.

There will be 10 acts singing tonight for those 2 spots in the EMA final. The running order is as follows:

  1. Stella – Ne Vem, Če Sem V Redu
  2. Younite – The Cure
  3. Alfirev – Črno Bela Lika
  4. Klarity – Diham
  5. Marmoris – Moj Pristan
  6. Saška – Še Kar Lovim Tvoj Nasmeh
  7. Pia Nina – Tukaj In Zdaj
  8. Lana Hrvatin – Dream
  9. Parvani Violet – Cupid
  10. Astrid in Avantgarden – Sing To Me



You’re really early! But don’t be on your way and never coming back! Join me at 20:00 CET for all the fun and games from Ljubljana!

Just over 10 minuted till show time Eurovision lovers! So get your snacks, get comfy and get ready for EMA Freš! 😀

Sports round up in Slovenia… hopefully we’ll start singing soon!

Here we go!! Oh wait… that was just an advert… for the programme coming on next… it’s actually time for the weather!

Weather seems quite mild for this time of year in Slovenia!

Here we go! (for real this time!)

Our hosts for tonight… RTVSLO going for a minimalist set tonight, apparently…

Ah, Sebi… like a trance, fantastic performance that was! Can Slovenia get into the Eurovision final for the 3rd consecutive year?

First time Slovene was heard at Eurovision, back in 1966 with Berta Ambrož singing for Yugoslavia

We’re not hanging about tonight, it’s already song #1!

Stella – Ne Vem, Če Sem V Redu

Clutching a pillow and wiggling around the stage, Stella’s eyes light up as she sings and she’s clearly having the time of her life on that stage. It’s a nice upbeat pop song, the kind you’d love to hear on the radio on a summer road trip. The staging looks like a fun sleepover – though ending with the lyric in English – “I don’t know if I’m OK” feels like a bit frightening… but on the whole I liked it, great way to start! Light and easy going… until the end!

Younite – The Cure

These guys got a huge cheer before they came on stage – is that a good omen? “I know a boy who loves his mother”… is it Axel Hirsoux? Looking very svelte in black, these guys remind me of a cross between Sebi’s singers and Madame Monsieur. It’s quite a moody indie song, so very different from what came before, but the music has an undeniable hook. I’m quite impressed!

Alfirev – Črno Bela Lika

What are we calling this look Alfirev? Because I think we can rule out “a success”… I’ll admit the pink and black are strong visual, but there’s striking and jarring, and this veers more towards the later. The song is pleasant, but feels like it doesn’t get started and doesn’t build enough for my liking. We this to go to Rotterdam, I fear it would get utterly lost Alfirev. I love your hair though!

Our first break! Golly, Slovenia aren’t hanging about tonight! At least it gives me a moment to rest my fingers from all this quick typing!! 0___0

And we’re back *takes fingers out of bowl of ice*

Klarity – Diham

Oooh now… this is the kind of thing I like: a simple non-English ballad, sung well and minimal staging. She owns that stage and connects well with the camera, which is always a big plus. It puts me in mind of a Joss Stone, early 2000s kind of ballad. My one concern is that “diham” sounds vaguely offensive to an English ear. But will that might make a few immature viewers giggle, the song and performance are quite sublime. Brava!

Marmoris – Moj Pristan

A bit of an urban feel from this one. A mixture of speak singing with the occasional rap flourish. Very little eye contact with the camera as the pair of them have their eyes closed rather a lot… Eurovision no-no #1! The dancers are perhaps the most engaging part of this performance, which isn’t a great for a song contest… sorry guys, that didn’t do much for me.

A quick stop in the Green Room now to chat with contestants

As I only understand a little Slovene, I’m a little lost with what they’re up to right now… especially with the washing machine and cake graphics… ah, the magic of watching foreign TV 🙂

Someone has written in to say the presenter tonight looks like a young Ryan Reynolds! Do we agree?

Now that’s what I call a jacket! Where can I get me one of those?! 😀

Saška – Še Kar Lovim Tvoj Nasmeh

Now the moment this hit its chorus, I was put in mind of Wales’ JESC entry from last year, Calon Yn Curo… you have to admit, there is a slight similarity! For what’s actually quite a bittersweet song, it was a mistake for Saška to wear yellow, because it immediately makes her look really sunny and upbeat. She performs well and with confidence, so well done nonetheless!

Pia Nina – Tukaj In Zdaj

Of all the performers tonight, I think Pia has best connected with the audience at home through the camera. Despite the dubious dancing (it was difficult getting a clear picture as she wouldn’t stop moving!), this is perhaps the catchiest song I’ve heard so far tonight musically and I think with a little styling, this could be a good Eurovision entry! Great job Pia!

Ad break time! Buy things you want and don’t need!

Advert for a travel programme about Liechtenstein, in Slovene – I love doing these blogs!! ❤

And we’re back! 7 down, 3 to go!

Lana Hrvatin – Dream

Lana has a dream… is it as beautiful as it is extreme? Oops, wrong country! 😉 One of the few songs in English tonight, this puts me in mind of Molly Sterling back in 2015… sultry glances from a piano, ballad… the song itself is quite repetitive and lacks a key change that I would usually expect from a Eurovision entry. I’m not sure about this…

Parvani Violet – Cupid

Another English song (did they save most of them till the end?), Parvani is in her element on stage and performs with gusto. Loving the 20s/30s styling! Parvani seems like a lot of fun and having such a personality translates well down the camera. I think we may have one to watch here!

Last song of the night now!

Astrid in Avantgarden – Sing To Me

A very intense performance from Astrid to round off the show tonight. At first I was left feeling like this was trying to be Sebi part II, quite hypnotic and trance-like – but to be fair, credit to Slovenia for always pushing the boundaries at Eurovision and trying different styles. I wonder how something like this would fair at the contest. I think it could potentially do well.

So, that’s it! All 10 acts have performed, but for 8 of them, their EMA journey will end tonight.

Here are the numbers you’ll need to vote tonight. I imagine you’ll also need to be in Slovenia…

While we have a recap of the songs, I’m going to compile my thoughts and see if I can work out who will advance to EMA – brb!

Well, it’s really been a real mix tonight from Ljubljana! All of these songs and performers are very different, which makes picking out the two winners incredibly tough! I think in terms of performance and connecting to the camera, Pia and Astrid in Avantgarden are very strong contenders. Parvani has such charisma as a performer too, which I think should result in a fair few televotes. This is actually really difficult to call!

A quick run through of the jury members voting tonight. If I’ve understood correctly, one of tonight’s winners will be chosen exclusively by this jury, and the other by the televote


I’d almost forgotten about Stella… the dangers of going on first! That would make a great finalist too!

And as this recap comes to an end, are we getting closer to a result?

Nope, time for another interval act

Time for another ad break, but don’t go too far – we should know our finalists very soon!

And we’re back! But before we get those all important scores, it’s time for EMA 2019’s runner up Raiven to take to the stage… all 3 of her!

Results time!

Parvani Violet is through!

Very happy with that, she was a joy to watch!

And our second finalist…

Saška is through!

Thanks for reading along tonight, hope you enjoyed the blog! Thank you Europe, and good night!

Author: James Scanlan
Source: RTVSLO

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  1. Marmaris ,reminded me a bit of Denmark 1997 ,rap generally tends to not do too well in Eurovision ,so it’s a no-no from me too. Slovenia, don’t pick this unless you want to stay in the semis this year !

    • The occasional rap verse can shake things up, but you’re right, all out rap tends to fair very poorly at Eurovision. I think choosing that would be a mistake too

  2. I am actually impressed that Slovenia aren’t hanging about tonight. Good show so far ,with spot on comments from yourself

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