Eurovision 2020

#SERBIA – Beovizija 2020 acts and songs announced

Earlier today Serbian broadcaster RTS published the list of contestants that will take part in Beovizija 2020, which will chose the Serbian entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest this year.

Out of 90 songs submitted to RTS, just 24 will compete at Beovizija 2020, expected to take place in February. RTS also revealed that their format will not change, meaning these songs will first have to battle their way out of 1 of 2 semi finals. The finalists will then take to the stage again and the winner goes to Rotterdam.

For those familiar with the music scene in the Balkans, quite a few interesting names appear on RTS’s list – just take a look! All the songs also appear to be in Serbian (well except one, possibly!), but we’ve provided an English translation for the titles:

Rocher etno bend – Samo Ti Umeš To (Only You Can Do That)

Karizma – Ona Me Zna (She Knows Me)

Andrija Jo – Uvek (Always)

EJO – Trag (Trace)

Neda Ukraden – Bomba (Bomb)

Igor Simić – Ples Za Rastanak (Farewell Dance)

Marko Marković – Kolači (Cakes)

Sanja Bogosavljević – Ne Puštam (I’m Not Letting Go)

Bojana Mašković – Kao Muzika (Like Music)

Ivana Jordan – Vila (Spirit)

Ivan Kurtić ft. Geapsy Train – Sabajle

Naiva – Baš Baš (Just Right)

Bane Mojićević – Svet Sa Prokletija (World Of The Damned)

Hurricane – Hasta La Vista (See You Later)

Milan Bujaković ft. Olivera Popović – Niti (Neither)

Ana Milenković – Tajna (Secret)

Nenad Ćeranić – Veruj U Sebe (Believe In Yourself)

Bora Dugić i Balkubano – Svadba Velika (Big Wedding)

Lazar Živanović – Puklo Je Nebo (Heaven Is Broken)

Milica Mišić – Kiša (Rain)

Srđan Lazić – Duša i Telo (Body and Soul)

Aleksa Vučković – Samo Mi Kaži (Just Tell Me)

Biljana Đurđević – Raj (Paradise)

Thea Devy – Sudnji Dan (Judgement Day)

Sanja Vučić, who sang for Serbia back in 2016, is taking part in the selection again as part of the trio Hurricane, while the lyricist behind “Molitva” and “Beauty Never Lies”, Vladimir Graić, is part of the team behind the entry “Kolači” – could that be a recipe for success? 😉

It’s been been 13 years since Serbia last won Eurovision. Is there a coveted 2nd winner for them amongst these entries? Let us know what you think!

Author: James Scanlan
Source: RTS
Image Source: ESC Bubble

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