Eurovision 2019

#SilesiaJournal: Days 1 & 2

The Journal is back for another Contest – this time from the Silesia Region, which is hosting the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Events will be spread across the region – while mainly in Gliwice, some will be based in Katowice too.

Day 1 was all about the travelling. Team Eurovision Ireland left Stansted Airport late morning yesterday and arrived into Katowice shortly after 14:00 CET. After a bus journey into town, taking approximately one hour (!), we walked a futher twenty minutes or so and found our base.

Day 2 has taken place! While one of us eased in collecting their accreditation, another still awaits his on Thursday – but that was just a minor hiccup. Entry into the Opening Ceremony wasn’t hampered and we will have a full article about that tomorrow.

We have sent out interview requests and are staring to coordinate with the Heads of Delegations. Please look out for these throughout the next week.

Day 3 beckons tomorrow – who knows what it’ll hold for us!

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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