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JUNIOR JUROR STRIKES AGAIN! What does a 7 year old think of JESC 2019?

As the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is only days away, we thought it was about time we yielded to popular demand and asked Eurovision Ireland’s youngest contributor what he thinks – so it’s over to James’ nephew Jack!

Jack, now 7, was a little disappointed when I told him we weren’t actually going to Poland to watch the show, but was still eager to have a look at the songs heading to Gliwice for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Since rehearsals have only just started, his comments are based on watching the official videos of this year’s songs with James

Here are some of his unedited thoughts on this year’s entries. What does the target audience of JESC make of this year’s songs? Read on to find out :

ALBANIA – “Mikja Ime Fëmijëri” – Isea Çili

I do think the song was quite good, but I do think she pushed it on the screaming… it was good though…

ARMENIA – “Colours of Your Dream” – Karina Ignatyan

I love it! How do you say “I love it!” in Armenian?” (I have no idea Jack…) I definitely want to hear it again!! That was fantastic, I think that will win!

AUSTRALIA – “We Will Rise” – Jordan Anthony

I like how he used his voice… but I don’t think it’ll be in my Top 10…

BELARUS – “Pepelny (Ashen)” – Liza Misnikova

That was good (James pushes for a bit more) It was good… (Would you listen to it again?) *Jack shrugs*

FRANCE – “Bim Bam Toi” – Carla

I like the way she’s singing and using lots of expressions! What’s she saying (she’s singing in French, but I think some of the words are made up) Ahh… I like when they’re in the squares!

GEORGIA – “We Need Love” – Giorgi Rostiashvili

*Jack nods his head along in time to the music* I think they’re a bit shy… they need to be a bit more confident. I think the boy in the video (not Giorgi!) is nervous. I give this a middle score.

IRELAND – “Banshee” – Anna Kearney

*two seconds into the video* I already like it! I like where they’re filming it and I like her voice, she’s not screaming… because most people when they’re singing they scream a little bit to make it exaggerated. But she sounds nice!

ITALY – “La Voce Della Terra” – Marta Viola

What country is this again? (Italy, Jack) How old is she? (I’m not sure) I think she looks like she’s 9. It’s actually pretty good. I like the way she moves with the music.

KAZAKHSTAN – “Armanyńnan Qalma” – Yerzhan Maksim

I like his expression with his arms … *watches the whole video intently in complete silence* That was pretty good! He was dancing really well with her and his voice went up when the music did (That’s called a key change Jack, you’ll see that a lot at Eurovision!)

MALTA – “We Are More” – Eliana Gomez Blanco

I like it, because she’s not yelling. The music is good because it’s like *woops the tune of the music*. It’s good *Eliana hits the high notes at the end* Argghhh!!! Make it stop!!

THE NETHERLANDS – “Dans Met Jou” – Matheu

It’s not just him, his friends are there dancing too, I like that! When you’re alone it’s really boring… he’s loud too, which is good! I really like it!

NORTH MACEDONIA – “Fire” – Mila Moskov

Ooooh… it’s scary! She’s waving fire around… it’s a little bit scary… I like it, but it’s not my favourite…

POLAND – “Superhero” – Viki Gabor

I don’t even know what to say… she says about saving her home, does she live in that forest? (I don’t think so Jack…) Huh… it wasn’t how I expected it to be…

PORTUGAL – “Vem Comigo (Come With Me)” – Joana Almeida

*Jack whoots as the song starts* I’d sing along if I could, but I don’t speak Portuguese! *Jack watches the entire video very carefully – something he hasn’t done with many others!* I liked everything about it! I really like Portugal! 😀

RUSSIA – “A Time For Us” – Tatyana Mezhentseva & Denberel Oorzhak

*watches the long intro to the video* Are you sure this isn’t an episode? (Yes, it’s just a long start to the video) Huh… don’t think I like this too much…

SERBIA – “Raise Your Voice” – Darija Vračević

*Jack is distracted playing, but hums along to the song* Out of 10, I’d give it 2! (Only 2, Jack?) No, I mean it goes in the second place! (Ooooh!!) I really like it a lot!

SPAIN – “Marte” – Melani García

I usually like Spain, I want to see what they are like, I remember them last year… (Umm… they weren’t at JESC last year…) *nods thoughtfully* I really like it, the music and how she goes “oooooh”. I want to hear it again! *Melani hits a high note, Jack flinches* … well, even with that I still like it!

UKRAINE – “The Spirit of Music” – Sophia Ivanko

*Jack doesn’t say anything for a long time* (You’re being very quite mister!) This year the songs are really good! I think this is my favourite! (Better than Portugal and Armenia?) Hmmm… maybe!

WALES – “Calon Yn Curo” – Erin Mai

So far I like it! She’s singing really good… I give it 9 out of 10, it’s not brilliant, but it’s good in it’s own way. Is that all the songs now? (Yes, Jack,) That was a lot!

So there you have it! We’d like to remind everyone reading out there that if you’ve taken offence to anything said about your favourites, remember these are only Jack’s opinions and he is a child – so don’t take it so seriously!

Jack’s gone back to his Lego now, but do you think our Junior Juror is on to something? Has he picked a winner? Remember to check Eurovision Ireland all week for all the latest news from Gliwice and tune in on Sunday for the final of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019!!

Author: James Scanlan, Jack

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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