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Noswaith dda Ewrop a bore da Awstralia! This is Wales calling! Tonight we’ll find out who Wales will be sending to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Gliwice, Poland!

Sit back and relax, and let Eurovision Ireland’s own James Scanlan entertain and inform you. As always, feel free to tell me what you think and give your opinions about tonight’s Final and who your favourites are!

Tonight’s show comes to us courtesy of Welsh broadcaster S4C from Venue Cymru in the beautiful seaside resort of Llandudno, where 6 acts will perform for the chance to fly the Welsh flag and sing ” Calon yn Curo ” at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Can they improve on their thoroughly undeserved last place debut in Minsk? The only way is up!!

You know the drill: Just refresh this page to get the comments and points of view!

You can watch the live show on Sky Channel 134, Virgin Media Channel 166, or if you don’t have satellite television, you can watch online HERE or HERE from 21:00 CET

Singing in tonight’s final we have:-

  • Sophia
  • Cerys
  • Erin
  • Y Minis
  • Carys
  • Mackenzie & Rhiannon


You’re a bit early! Check back at 20:00 GMT/ 21:00 CET when things get started in Llandudno! 😀

If you’ve just joined us, then good evening! We’re about 10 minutes away from the start of Chwilio am Seren 2019 – until then, enjoy this riveting episode of Pobol y Cwm, the longest running soap opera made by BBC!

Here we go!

Anyone else notice they used the same snowflake flags as from last year in Minsk? Not just me then! Can’t say I blame them, they are really cool!

This year’s contestants are watching back videos of themselves singing and dancing when they were toddlers… I don’t speak Welsh and even I can tell they’re cringing and embarrassed lol

Rapping in Welsh… another thing for the list of things you never think you’d hear… ah, Eurovision, the gift that keeps on giving!

So now our host is now explaining how tonight will work. Just like last year, each act will sing one song chosen by their mentors, then several panels of adults, children and music expects based in Llandudno, Aberystwyth, Carmarthen, Cardiff and London will vote. Based on these votes, the Top 3 will progress to another round singing the Welsh Junior Eurovision entry, and then the public will vote. Following it all so far?

14 year old Sophie is up first, but before that we’re having a look back at her journey on Chwilio am Seren so far.


She may only be 14, but Sophie holds herself on stage like a much older and more experienced performer. Indeed, she connects with the camera in a way that some adults fail to do at adult Eurovision!! One of the judges said she’s just been wowed – I have been too! She has a very powerful voice beyond her years. Great job Sophie!

12 year old Rhiannon and 13 year old Mackenzie are up next. Though they auditioned separately, they’ve been paired up together for the final… let’s hope it isn’t Tu Cancion in Welsh….

Mackenzie and Rhiannon

With a very subdued start with Rhiannon vocalising, the beat picked up and I felt like we were about to really get something strong. So far, both our young singers seem nervous and a bit ill at ease performing together. They look the part in matching red, but I wonder if they’d have faired better if they weren’t working as a duo – they are quite young after all, and learning to perform with someone else is a big step for any artist.

Carys belted out her first audition, though admits she struggles with confidence. That alone has me rooting for her already!


Seeing her first audition and seeing her now, it’s like watching two different people!! Carys has blossomed into a confident performer who connects well with the camera and has an amazing voice – she looks amazing tonight and in all honesty, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ve just seen our contestant for Gliwice – brava Carys!

We’re going to an ad break now, so we’ll be back soon – don’t go away!

And we’re back! Just in time too, Y Minis are about to take to the stage – 5 young girls who auditions separately and were mixed together… you know, just like Little Mix… and judging by the audience’s reactions, they’re one to watch!

Y Minis

As if by magic (or witchcraft!!) Y Minis are singing a Welsh language version of a Little Mix song! Uncanny! Arriving on stage by car, the production values of this performance are much higher than the other contestants so far, lots of synchronised dancing and bopping about. Vocally they need a bit of work, but for a group so young it was a very confident and fun performance. I see this getting into the final 3 easily.

13 year old Cerys is up next – Cerys Matthews was an amazing singer, and judging by her audition, young Cerys certainly has the same potential!


Oh wow… Cerys has a very rich and soulful voice! That was a very understated performance, driven entirely by her voice. While something like that would work well at Eurovision itself, I wonder if for Junior Eurovision she’d need to liven things up. But wow… the strongest vocals so far tonight!

Last act already! It’s time for Erin to take to the stage


Of all of tonight’s acts, Erin feels the most mature and polished. Vocally she’s very strong, and she’s moving around the stage like she owns it and does so effortlessly. I’m very impressed! I think we have another finalist!

Another quick break while the juries deliberate – join us again soon when 6 will become 3!

How to eradicate Bovine disease… well now you know! 0__0

And we’re back – possibly live now too! Time for the juries to have their say

Over to that most Welsh of cities first… London… yes, I’m just as confused as you are!

Every act has been given one point, so no one leaves with nothing.

London awards points to Erin, Carys and Cerys – funnily enough, that would have been my Top 3 too!

Rhiannon and Mackenzie, Carys and Erin get points from Llandudno

Ah… so every jury gives a point to all contestants… gosh that’s confusing!

Cardiff up next! Rhiannon and Mackenzie, Y Minis and Carys get more points!

Everyone is currently on the same number of points, except for Sophie and Y Minis who are 1 behind

Carmarthen up now – and they’ve given their points to Sophie, Cerys and Erin… a bit of confusion between Cerys and Carys for a second!

Aberystwyth are the last jury to vote….

Erin, Rhiannon and Mackenzie and Cerys have been awarded more points

A rare photo taken of the TV from a mobile phone!

So after the juries have voted, Erin, Cerys and Rhianon and Mackenzie will progress to the next round! Congratulations!

I’m surprised Carys didn’t make the cut if I’m honest…

Now having a look at the story behind the different versions of the Welsh Junior Eurovision entry “Calon yn Curo” – sounds like they wrote very different versions to suit the vocals and styles of all tonight’s contestants!

More adverts – buy stuff, the economy needs your help!

And we’re back – and our host is explaining how the voting part of tonight will work. But enough about that, we’re off with the first rendition of “Calon yn Curo” by Rhiannon and Mackenzie

Mackenzie and Rhiannon – Calon yn Curo

Rhiannon seems to be having some mic problems, but their version of the song is quite boppy… I say quite boppy, it actually feels quite flat. Vocally, there’s nothing wrong with either of them, but they lack any real chemistry together and it feels a tad forced. Not a bad attempt, but I’m curious to see what the others will do and how they’ll interpret the song

Cerys – Calon yn Curo

Cerys gives us a much more easy listen ballad version of the song, which she carries well. The star epaulettes she’s wearing make it look like she’s got an owl on each shoulder and despite being very solid vocally, Cerys herself looks a little uncomfortable. Could it be nerves as the finish line comes into view?

Two very different versions of the song… can’t wait to see what Erin does!

Erin – Calon yn Curo

I said earlier that Erin seemed to be the most natural and at ease performer tonight and she’s just proved it again with a slow pop interpretation. Sounding like an angel, connecting well with the camera, owning the space she sings in… Wales, this is what an obvious choice looks like! Definitely my favourite version of the song!

So our young performers have done all they can to convince you they have what it takes to go to Junior Eurovision in Poland this November – now it’s over to the public! Lines are open, so get voting!

And we’re back

So what have last years finalists been up to since taking part? Let’s have a look!

Time for a recap of tonight’s finalists – have you voted yet?

And after the 3 minutes segment, we’re back to adverts… um… OK? Lines are still open though!

The lines are closed, and the votes are being counted and verified… whose Junior Eurovision dream is about to come true?

And the winner is…


Congratulations Wales, a fantastic choice!

Thanks S4C for a fantastic evening – thanks for reading along with me tonight, hope you’ve enjoyed it – diolch a nos da! ❤

Author: James Scanlan
Source: S4C

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