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#JuniorEurovision – From Junior to Adult ESC- who has made that big step up?

Well, the dust has well and truly settled on the Adult contest in Tel Aviv and while we’re waiting for the much anticipated announcements of the dates of next year’s contest and host city in the Netherlands, meanwhile we have Junior Eurovision coming up in just a matter of a few months in Gliwice, Poland. Since its inauguration back in Copenhagen in 2003 , we have seen many young artists fulfilling their dream to perform at Junior Eurovision. Although not perhaps held in the same esteem as the adult version of the contest by many, Junior Eurovision has produced performers who have gone on to represent their country, either as a main vocalist or backing singer in the Adult contest, but how many of these do we know of ? Well 9 performers have made it from the junior to adult version, and there are also some who have tried to represent their country in the Adult contest but unfortunately did not make it through their national final. I therefore thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of those performers who have made that grand step from being a junior to an adult performer at Eurovision and how they fared in the adult contest in comparison to the Junior version.

Weronika Bochat ( POLAND JESC 2004 /ESC 2010)

Weronika represented her country in JESC IN 2004 as part of the group Kwadro, who unfortunately ended up propping up the scoreboard in last place. Unfortunately her fortunes didn’t really improve when she entered the 2010 ESC in Oslo as a backing singer for Marcin Mironzinski with the song Legenda. They failed to qualify for the final that year coming 13th in their semi final, may be a little undeservedly.

Nevena Bozovic ( Serbia JESC 2007/ESC 2013 & 2019)

Nevena has had the fortune to represent her country not only once in Junior Eurovision but went on to sing twice for them in the Adult contest in 2013 as part of Moje 3 with the song “Ljubav je Svuda ” and very recently in Tel Aviv 2019 with Kruna. Nevena did well in the Junior contest coming 3rd with 120 points. However, her fortunes in the adult contest were not so great, coming 11th in the first semi final in Malmø, Sweden, scoring only 46 points. In Tel Aviv this year, her fortunes were slightly improved as she qualified for the Grand Final in a respectable 7th place in her semi but then finished 18th with 89 points in the final.


Tolmachevy Sisters ( Russia JESC 2006/ ESC 2014)

The Tomalchevy twin sisters competed for Russia in Junior Eurovision 2006 with their jazzy number “Vesenniy jazz “. They had a very successful participation, actually winning the contest. Unfortunately they were unable to repeat this feat a second time round in the adult contest in Copenhagen 2014 but still came a respectable 7th with ” Shine “.

Michele Perniola & Anita Simoncini ( San Marino 2013 & 2014( individually) and ESC 2015 ( as a duet ).

Probably the quickest promotions from the junior to the senior ESC were those of Michele and Anita . Michele competed in 2013, with ” O-o-O solo intorno a me” , which came 10th and Anita , as part of the girl group The Peppermints in 2014 with “Breaking my heart “, came 15th. They performed as a duet for San Marino at ESC in Vienna in 2015. Unfortunately their fortunes didn’t get any better in the adult contest, Europe agreed with Michele’s ” No” statement at the start of the song and they failed to qualify from their semi final, only achieving a lowly 11 points and 16th place. Possibly due to the song being regarded as a little too sugar sweet for many viewer’s liking . A result which apparently didn’t go down too well with Michele!

Monica ( Armenia JESC 2008/ESC 2016)

Monica competed for Armenia in the 2008 edition of the JESC in Cyprus, with the song “Im Ergi Hnchyune”, placing 8th with 69 points. She then went on to join Iveta Mukuchyan in the ESC in Stockholm 2016 as backing vocalist for Iveta’s song ” Love Wave , finishing one place better, 7th with 249 points .

OG3NE ( Netherlands JESC 2007 as Lisa, Amy & Shelley and ESC 2017 as OG3NE )

Europe first heard O’G3NE at the 2007 Junior Eurovision in Rotterdam. They represented their country on home soil ,with the boppy little number “Adem in, Adem uit”. They came 11th with 39 points. Incidentally, the contest venue was the Ahoy stadium in Rotterdam, which is one of the candidates for next year’s ESC host city in The Netherlands. They managed exactly the same placing in the 2017 ESC Final in Kyiv with the song ” Lights and shadows “.

Leva Zasimauskaite (Lithuania JESC 2007/ESC 2018

Before bringing her emotional ballad ” when we’re old ” to the ESC in Lisbon 2018, Leva had already graced the Eurovision stage some years earlier in 2007 ( in the same contest as the O’G3NE’S) , as a backing singer for Lithuania in JESC ,who were then represented by Lina Joy singing ” Kai miestas snaudzia”. They came 13th , however Leva was able to go one place better in the adult contest, in her own right, coming a very respectable 12th in the final with 181 points.

Destiny Chuckunyere ( Malta JESC 2015/ESC 2019)

Destiny won the JESC IN 2015 with soulful number ” Not my soul”, there was no doubting the quality of her vocals and it was only a matter of time before she came to perform in the adult version of the contest just this year in Tel Aviv, however this was as a backing singer to Michaela, who performed “Chameleon ” and not being able to see her on stage. Sadly for Malta, even with Destiny’s help they could only manage 14th place. Will they possibly send Destiny to ESC in her own right in future years?

Destiny in the Green room with the Maltese delegation 2019

So there we have it , just some of the many acts that Junior Eurovision has given us over the years, with I am sure , many more to follow over the next years. Is there anyone who you have seen in the Junior Eurovision who you think should have or still should make it to the Senior Contest?

Author : Sarah Rudman

Source : Eurovision Ireland, Eurovision.TV

Image Source : You Tube, Eurovision.TV

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