#HUN: Live blog of A Dal Heat 3 from 19.30 CET

#HUN: Live blog of A Dal Heat 3 from 19.30 CET

Things continue apace in Hungary, with the third and final heat of A Dal. Six songs from tonight will qualify for the semi-final stage. We’ll explain more about how they’ll pick the lucky six later, but it’s bound to be exciting.

You know what to do – hit ‘Refresh’ for our latest thoughts. Or you can watch the action HERE.

And we’re off. Freddie & Friend. Well Freddie & Bogi look very happy to be there. They quickly introduce the four jurors. Feró, Lilla, Misi and Miklós if you’re interested.

The jurors have their say. They’re taking it very seriously.

And it’s onto the songs…

Leander Kills – Hazavágyom

Ooh, lots of guitars. It’s practically a capella to start with. Aside from the guitars and a violin. This isn’t bad. The lead singer doesn’t quite every note at the start, but soon gets into things. The forested backdrop is a nice touch. It’s not a bad opener. Turbo Mumford and Sons if you will. Leander Kills? Yes, they did. They get 38 points from the jury (out of 50).

Petruska – Help me out of here

More guitars, one played by Mr Petruska. This is in English and is bouncy. Quirky and safe might be other words. Until we get a bit of yodelling, which is an acquired taste. It has a slightly repetitive chorus which might work in its favour. However, that might be all that works in its favour. It’s not bad, but maybe just too ordinary. He scores 40 points from the jury.

Monyo Project – Run baby run

These are popular bunnies judging by the crowd noise. It’s also in English and immediately strikes me as the song you’d hear in a smoky bar towards the end of the night. It does build and has a simple chorus. I’m not sure whether every note is hit, but the crowd still seems to like it. And it has a prominent guitar riff leading into verse two. The end is a bit abrupt. More a whimper than a bang. They score 35 out of 50.

We go quickly to an area of the Green Room that looks very well appointed. Just the first two acts and no alcohol whatsoever. And then an advert for the CD of A Dal 2019.

Bogi Nagy – Holnap

Young Bogi is giving us innocence. Almost Dana innocence. Her song is a pleasant ballad and she’s very earnest in delivery. After some of the band-based histrionics so far, this is very nice. Her seat rises during the song. Imagine how certain Romanians and Moldovans have done it in the past. Her dress has photographic images projected on it. It’s a little unexpected but doesn’t detract from this very pleasant song. She scores 41 points.

Salvus – Barát

Now here’s some good old heavy rock that would make Czechs or Finns proud. But it’s a tad more polished. And wordy. I’ve heard this sort of stuff before, but it would be an indie act in Australia maybe. That aside, it’s not without its charm and does have a decent melody. And it has fire. Brilliant. They score 36 points.

Back to the Green Room for acts 3 and 4.

Ruby Harlem – Forró

This is a band, not an individual. They have a small set of stairs on stage. Lead singer is all smiles and gaves us her taek on lounge music. It’s more safe stuff you’d hear in a hotel bar. Again, there’s nothing wrong with it, but I’m not sure whether it’s got instant appeal. It scores 40 points, which just shows what I know.

Jóci Papai – Az én apám

Top-knotted Jóci looks the same, yet different, to his appearance in 2017. His song is more a country ballad – John Denver style, if you will. It’s immediately engaging, and he does have a decent voice on him. It’s another safe song, but he’s selling it very well, and that might be enough. He scores 41 points.

More brief chat from the Green Room.

Kyra – Maradj még

Dry ice. And oodles of it. And Kyra is dancing with a man of muscular proportions. It’s modern and obviously about what she wants from him. She dances around a lot, and I’m not sure whether it actually helps matters. There is a bit of sentiment there, but I don’t think this will get any further tonight. It’s just a bit too beige. She scores 28 points.

USNK – Posztolj

Duo time, with a pair of popular bunnies. It’s rap and lots of edge and attitude. Lots of mentioning of hashtags. Well, it’s completely different to the other eight acts and the youth vote could be important in maybe getting this through. But as with rap, the lyric is more important than the melody, although they do have a masked DJ on the decks behind them. An interesting song. They score 35 points.

Moscok 1 Kölykök – Egyszer

Finally, M1K go for the big ensemble piece. A heartfelt downbeat song with plenty of cello. They’re spread all over the stage – they’re obviously not close – and all in red, black or just shadow. The melody takes a while to kick in, and that could cost the song votes. The heart behind the lead singer boasts loads of photos – a nice touch. I want to like it, but I’m not sure. They score 39 points.

So after the 10 songs, the scores are thus…

Bogi, Jóci, Petruska, Ruby Harlem and M1K go through. The public vote is now open to pick one of the other five to get through as a lucky loser.

Whilst the public vote via phone and SMS, Fázo Belezs entertains us.

Who will live to sing another day? Cue shots of lots of pensive faces.

It is USNK!

Well that’s all for the blog tonight. A Dal 2019 continues next week with the first semi-final. Goodnight!

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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