Eurovision 2018

#BETTING ODDS – Who is on track to WIN Eurovision 2019?

Every year, Eurovision Ireland keeps an eye on and scrutinises the Betting Odds to see who the bookies think is going to walk away with the most coveted trophy on the European music scene!

Yes, we know we only have a handful of songs to chose from, but that hasn’t stopped the professionals from crunching the numbers and working it all out. So who have they picked?

These are the countries that website have given the highest chances of winning in Tel Aviv. According to them, as things stand the Top 10 could look something like this:

No real surprises here, as you can see most of these countries have won Eurovision in the past or are jury pets (Australia!). The notable exception is Romania, no wins yet but if fan chatter is to be believed they have not 1 but 2 potential winners in their national selection – so watch this space!

At the other end of the table, we have:

Again, to the seasoned Eurovision fan these predictions won’t come as much of a surprise. Here we see a lot of countries with lacklustre qualification rates. In fact, only 3 of these countries made it to the final in Lisbon last year, while countries like poor Macedonia haven’t seen a final for 6 years!

This being said, it is worth nothing that this time last year, both Cyprus and Czechia were in the Bottom 10 in the betting odds… and we all know what happened there! 😉

Out of the countries that have songs, they are ranked as follows:

11th France (16/1)
24th Czechia (33/1)
29th Spain (40/1)
40th Albania (100/1)

From these odds, it would seem the bookies think we haven’t heard the winner yet – which I for one think it a good thing, we don’t want a runaway winner this early in National Selection season!

What do you think? Are the bookies on to something? Or is it simply far to early to tell?

Author: James Scanlan
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