Eurovision 2019

#HUN: A-Dal Heat Two #LiveBlog – #JoinUs from 19:30 CET

This is the second heat of A-Dal Heat one and the first ten songs vying for Hungary’s spot at the Eurovision Song Contest this year in Tel-Aviv – you know the drill, join me, Richard from 19:30CET by regularly refreshing the page!

Refresh from 19:30 CET

We have met the hosts and the jury. Time for the voting numbers and the line-up.

Dávid Heatlie – La Mama Hotel

David is surrounded by different style lamp shades on the stage. He is solely on stage – dressed in a suit and roll neck. David doesn’t use the full stage area until quite later on. Honestly for me, the song doesn’t get going. The score awarded is 34 points.

The Middletonz – Roses

R’n’B meets rap in this entry. The production value is very grey with a splash of colour now and again. The Middletonz are joined by some contemporary dancers in the background. While it may qualify further in A-Dal, we must remember rap doesn’t perform well generally at the Eurovision Song Contest. The score awarded is 41 points.

Klára Hajdu – You’re Gonna Rise

We have a floaty ballad from Klara, who in turn is dressed in a floaty pink dress. She is surrounded by dry ice and a back projection of clouds. A wind machine is in use, yet hidden from view. A simple, yet beautiful number. A song I could listen to time after time again. The score awarded is 32 points.

The singers to have sung so far are now been interviewed.

Gotthy – Csak 1 perc

Another solo artist, yet a little less static. Gothy is joined by two backing dancers on stage in glittery fuchsia pink jackets, while he is in a leather jacket/trouser combo, with a white t-shirt. Green/blue lighting and dry-ice makes this entry very atmospheric. The score awarded is 26 points.

Acoustic Planet – Nyári zápor

Acoustic Planet is the first group/band we’ve seen on stage tonight. Again, we have green/blue lighting effects. For me personally, this has a traditional Irish hint to the entry, which could work in it’s favour. It’s not a ballad, yet it’s not easy listening neither – somewhere between the two. The score awarded is 43 points.

More singers are been interviewed.

Fatal Error – Kulcs

Something more rocky after the previous entries this evening. I’m guessing Fatal Error are trying to follow on from AWS. They even have the obligatory fire balls! Flashing lights will give some a headache, while this entry overall gives me a headache! The score awarded is 45 points.

Bence Vavra – Szótlanság

Bence has an entry that is very solo, yet he is accompanied by a backing dancer. I wouldn’t call it contemporary, I’d call it shouty to be honest – but that’s only my opinion. The score awarded is 39 points.

Diana – Little Bird

Neon lighting is used in this performance. Diana has a sparkling black dress on show here. Her entry really is slow in getting going. She is on a raised platform – a first for this heat. Purples and splashes of other colour feature on the backdrop. The score awarded is 34 points.

More singers are been interviewed.

The Sign – Ő

Guitars and Sunday easy listening – this could be good. It seems to be part spoken-ish and part sung. Green/blue lighting and dry ice seems to be a theme throughout tonight’s heat. It doesn’t really get going. The score awarded is 38 points,

yesyes – Incomplete

A band is back – yet it seems more vocal to be honest. A lot of black is worn and portrayed on the stage. The gymnasts don’t really do much for the entry neither. The score awarded is 35 points.

Fatal Error, Acoustic Planet, Bence Varva, The Middletonz and The Sign formed the top 5 tonight and have qualified for the semi final stage. The voting has reopened for the other acts to try and reach the semi finals too.

We have another Hungarian interview while the voting remains open for the sixth qualifier.

After the voting, yesyes have qualified too.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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