Eurovision 2019

#HUN: A-Dal Heat One #LiveBlog – #JoinUs from 19:30 CET

This is thew first heat of A-Dal Heat one and the first ten songs vying for Hungary’s spot at the Eurovision Song Contest this year in Tel-Aviv – you know the drill, join me, Richard from 19:30CET by regularly refreshing the page!

Refresh From 19:30

The show has started! We’ve met the hosts, tonight’s artist line up and the jury members – who we are now listening to been interviewed.

Szekér Gergő – Madár, repülj!

We start off with some rap from Szekér intertwined within a balkan classic. A long black jacket is worn with golden yellow cording over a white t-shirt and black trousers. While we have no backing singers involved, we do have some contemporary dancers. A score of 41 is awarded.

Konyha – Százszor visszajátszott

Konyha has brought an easy going, easy beat song to the stage. Joined by a backing band, this entry is missing some backing singers. The background is a city landscape in the shade of blue. A score of 38 is awarded.

Váray László – Someone who lives like this

A single banjo played by Varay is used without a backing track. The back projection defines sound waves. Another easy going entry for the second song running. Varay is dressed in shirt, waistcoat and jeans. Nice to have a performance without an overpowering backing track. A score of 29 is awarded.

The artists to have performed so far are now been interviewed.

Pátkai Rozina – Frida

A very modern and contemporary song is been performed alongside some neon and futuristic back projection. While it isn’t monotone, Patkai’s voice isn’t showing as much range as I believe this song deserves. She also looks slightly terrified on stage and is trying to act through the performance via her hands. A score of 31 is awarded.

Hamar Barni – Wasted

This song is about a heavy drinking session – with lyrics in English, this helps explain the narrative. Some nice CGI graphics are used of guitar strings, which Hamar plucks – very Rybak 2018. Backing singers support Hamar on stage for a rather polished performance. Wasted isn’t the type of entry we’ve seen sent to the Eurovision Song Contest by Hungary for a long time – especially as they tend to stick to more cultural genres in general. A score of 29 is awarded.

More artists are now been interviewed.

Berkes Olivér – Világítótorony

Berkes is dressed in his winter jacket as if he is going out for a stroll. A back projection screen directly behind him shows images of countryside, along with various weather effects. Overall, the whole feel of the performance is, to me, been out and about in the wilderness. Safe and harmless, the first song I’d be happy to see qualify. A score of 33 is awarded.

Antal Tímea feat. Demko Gergő – Kedves Világ!

We have a throwback of Hungarian entries from the 1990’s – full of cultural and ethnic sounds, with hints of modern beats. The back projection is full of traditional patterns, along with vivid reds and purples. Another easy listening entry intertwined with tradition – another entry I’d like to see qualify. A score of 39 is awarded.

Nomad – A remény hídjai

What too the eye first looks like a heavy rock band, will be right, but with a slightly toned down sound. Typical rock concert lighting in reds and blues, along with some added strobes. After last year however, I can’t see Hungary going down the hard rock route again. A score of 35 is awarded.

More artists are been interviewed.

Oláh Gergő – Hozzád bújnék

Dressed in a grey top and black trousers, Olah is stood in front of a dreary back projection featuring Lighthouses for most of the time. For me, this is taking it’s time to get going, which is never a good sign for someone who ks viewing this for the first time. A score of 41 is awarded.

DENIZ – Ide várnak vissza

The use of a traditional instrument at the very start doesn’t help hide the rapping in this entry – yes we started the evening with rap and ending with it too. It has a very bright lighting value to the performance, but the backing band look bored and fed up. Rap never does well at the Eurovision Song Contest and this would join that long list. A score of 34 is awarded.

Olah Gergo, Szeker Gergo, Antal Timea feat. Demko Gergo, Konhya and Nomad formed the top 5 tonight and have qualified for the semi final stage. The voting has reopened for the other acts to try and reach the semi finals too.

The Hungarian interval act is now on stage, linked to previous A-Dal contests. The voting has now closed.

DENIZ has been chosen by the voting public to progress to the semi final stage too.

Thank you for joining us this week for our coverage of A-Dal, please #JoinUs again next week where either myself or another team member will bring you Heat Two coverage.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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