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#MONTENEGRO – “I remember Eurovision with a huge smile on my face!” #INTERVIEW with Andrea Demirović

Photo by Andrea Demirović

Pozdrava sa Balkana! We here at Eurovision Ireland have been lucky enough to catch up with the lovely Andrea Demirović, all the way from Montenegro!

As you may remember, Andrea sang for Montenegro in 2009, narrowly missing out on taking one of Eurovision’s smallest nations to the final for the first time. Now she’s one of the 5 artists competing at Montevizija this February, vying for the chance to sing for Montenegro once more in Tel-Aviv this May!

What are Andrea’s fondest memories of Eurovision in Moscow? What does she have in store for us at Montevizija? And what are her top picks for anyone planning a trip to her stunning homeland? Read on to find out!

Hello Andrea! Thank you for taking the time to speak with Eurovision Ireland! Now, many fans will recognize you from Eurovision 2009 in Moscow. What did you learn in the last decade that helped you grow as a performer?

Hello! In the past 10 years I’ve worked a lot on myself, I finished basic and specialist studies at the Music Academy and even started working as a music teacher in my city. I developed my vocals by working with a band and spread my musical horizons, even into jazz music. And finally, I dared to participate in the process of working as an author on my own songs, which really means a lot to me.

Sounds fantastic! What are some of your favourite memories from the contest in Moscow?

Oh, I remember Eurovision with a huge smile on my face! I was young when I walked into that big stage, but I remember the sense of responsibility and also the great pride I felt being able to defend the colours of my home country at the biggest music competition in Europe.

Is that why you want to return to Eurovision?

I have to admit that for me Eurovision carries a charm that will always be engrained in my memory. Also there is the desire of musicians in Montengro and the region as while to experience that level of glamour and professionalism that Eurovision gives its participants. And of course there is the song too, which I think deserves the attention of the Eurovision audience.

Speaking of which, your song for Montevizija is called “Ja sam ti san” – can you tell us a bit more about it?

The song is a description of a dream. The melody and atmosphere of the song itself inspired me to write the same kind of lyrics – dark but dynamic. The song talks about a love which is a fiction, a dream.

Photo by Andrea Demirović

Wow, well we can’t wait to hear it! What do you like to do when you’re not singing?

I spend my free time with my son and socialising with those who are dear to me. I also like to read books and walk by the sea.

I’m glad you mentioned the sea! What are your Top 3 favourite things about Montenegro that you think all visitors to the country should see or do?

Montenegro may be a small country, but there are so many wonderful places here that everyone who visits has to see, so it’s hard for me to decide only three! Hmm… let’s start with the Bay of Kotor, especially Perast, my favourite place on the bay. Next, Lovćen, one of the best places for visitors to become better acquainted with Montenegro’s history, and finally the Old Town of Bar. Here you’ll get the feeling you’ve left the modern world behind and have entered a fairytale!

Sounds amazing! Makes me want to visit Montenegro NOW!! Finally Andrea, do you have a message for all your fans at Eurovision Ireland and around the continent?

I wish you to love and to believe in your dreams! Great greeting from Montenegro!

Author: James Scanlan
Source: Eurovision Ireland, Andrea Demirović
Image Source: Andrea Demirović

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