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#Romania ‘Love Life And Everything Beautiful In It’ – Vaida #Interview

VAIDA – Cover Art for Underground (by EI)

Today’s interview focuses on another Romanian candidate from Selectia Nationala 2019: Vaida. Some of you might remember her from the 2014 selection, when she finished 2nd with her song ‘One More Time’, behind Paula and Ovi’s ‘Miracle’.

This year she returned with an entry entitled ‘Underground’. Let’s see what she told Eurovision Ireland!

Hello! Congratulations for making it to the Semi-Finals of Selectia Nationala 2019! What made you to submit a song this year and since when the passion for music?

Hello and thank you!

The passion for music is my first ever passion. I can’t even recall if it started in nursery or later on in the first years of school. I am a lead vocalist at ‘Teatrul de Revista’ in Bucharest, and I’ve been woking at that theatre for 13 years now. I have a band ‘Vaida Show’ with which I sing at musical events. I have also played in many successful musicals, mainly as the leading role. Most recently, I was in the musical ‘Mamma Mia’, playing the role of Donna Sheridan.

Vaida on the musical Mamma Mia! (source:

Unfortunately, the world doesn’t really know these facts because I’m much more visible as a TV presenter than an artist. But my great passion remains music. I’ve submitted a song this year for Selectia Nationala by pure chance. A songwriter from Ireland, Michael James Down, wrote to me to propose a few songs from which to choose what I like. He is accustomed to such competitions and participates annually as a composer. He knew me from the 2014 Selectia Nationala competition, where I won 2nd place. Initially I refused the idea of taking part for lack of time, then I started to think more and more about it. When I’ve finished the daily TV project, I’ve realised that I actually had time to do more. And being 7 months pregnant, such a competition keeps my mind and soul alive!

Vaida – On the set of ‘Totul Pentru Dragoste’ (Everything For Love) – A TV Show on Antena 1

What can you tell us about the ‘Underground’ message?

Love, suffering, separation, power to rise, to love again, stronger and more sensitive at the same time!

What is your favourite song in the entire Eurovision repertoire?

I don’t have only one, but many that I like. I’m always looking forward to seeing the show, the staging, the emotion that everyone will convey. Because the visuals of a show can highlight a good song or put it in a disadvantage.

What artists inspire you?

There are many from different musical genres and all ages, from Maria Tanase, Edith Piaf, Shirley Bassey to Adele, Coldplay, Beyonce. It’s all about the emotion transmitted through their songs and the mood in which they put me in by listening to their music.

What do you think is your biggest achievement so far?

My children: Carla, Vladimir and Tudor, who is on the way …

What would it mean for you to represent Romania at Eurovision?

More than I could imagine or dream. A great responsibility, a great honour, a great joy, the greatest achievement in my musical career.

Vaida performing her song ‘One More Time’ at Selectia Nationala 2014 (source: youtube)

And last but not least, what would you like to say to the readers of this interview?

To love life and everything that is beautiful in it, to enjoy the simple things and to do everything that makes them complete! And to vote with their heart at Eurovision!

Thank you and best of luck!

Thank you for this interview!

What do you think of Vaida’s song? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles

Source: Vaida, Eurovision Ireland,

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