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#IRELAND: Molly Sterling to appear in First Fortnight Festival

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#IRELAND: Molly Sterling to appear in First Fortnight Festival

Former Eurovision participant Molly Sterling is throwing her weight between the European Mental Health Art & Culture Festival , First Fortnight. As well as being at the official launch last month, she will be taking part in the festival’s Big Gig on 12 January in Dublin D’Olier Street.

Now in its ninth year, First Fortnight is an arts-based mental health charity that organises a festival in the first two weeks of the year aimed at challenging stigma. An awareness campaign in the First Fortnight of the year works because we are all a little raw that time of year and more likely to be open to an empathic response.

First Fortnight has become a fixture in the cultural calendar and synonymous with mental health awareness, challenging prejudice and ending stigma. It also runs a Centre for Creative Therapies, which provides an art psychotherapy and music therapy service to adults with experience of homelessness or at risk of homelessness. First Fortnight is grant aided by The Arts Council, Dublin City Council and HSE Mental Health Services. In 2019, First Fortnight will stage the European Mental Health Arts Festival.

Molly, who has been described as one of the most poignant songwriters in Ireland, has been involved for a few years, starting from seeing a piece of street art entitled ‘Hold Fast’. She loves the variety.

In an interview with Michelle O’Connor, she says “The festival gave me the confidence to embrace the scary things I’ve been through on my mental health journey, but it also gave me friends who have supported me throughout, and who I will have forever.

When you leave a First Fortnight event, you’ll leave knowing that you’re not alone in your struggle and with a better understanding of, and deeper empathy for, someone else’s struggle.”

You can see Molly’s full interview with Michelle O’Connor HERE.

As you may recall, Molly Sterling made an impression with her self-composed song ‘Playing with number’ at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna.. Here’s that performance.

The First Fortnight Festival takes place all over Ireland in January. You can find more details HERE.


Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, First Fortnight, Molly Sterling (Picture)


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