Eurovision 2019

#MinskJournal: Day 1

Following on from my series of daily #RichardReflects articles in Lisbon, I’ll be writing in my #MinskJournal throughout my time here at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Day 1 can be summed up under two topics, the first been arriving into Minsk. For those that are yet to arrive here, the Visa-Free procedure is pretty straight forward and pain free. I arranged a hotel transfer which took around 45 minutes – well the airport in 42km outside of the city centre. If you haven’t got a transfer booked, there are taxis on hand. My transfer cost me 55BYN/27.5USD. I expect the general taxis may cost more.

The other topic of the day was, after catching up with Ewan and Charleen from ESC Insight, our little evening out to see Alekseev and Ani Lorak in concert. You can read more about that in my #ExploreMinsk article HERE.

Tomorrow should bring the inaugural trip to this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest Press Centre, as well as the Opening Ceremony. Look out for these and much, much more from myself in Minsk and the team back at home tomorrow.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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