Eurovision 2018

#ExploreMinsk: Alekseev & Ani Lorak In Concert

What does an Australian, Scotsman, Englishman and a couple of thousand screaming Belarusian women got in common? Yes in all attended the Alekseev Concert at the Sports Palace here in Minsk tonight – with Special Guest Ani Lorak.

I joined Ewan and Sharleen from the ESC Insight for a night of musical entertainment – or as I like to call it, Eastern Pop Culture. Obviously sung win their native tongue, we had no idea what these two artists were singing about – but my goodness the females, both young and old of Belarus certainly enjoyed themselves.

Throughout the whole show, whether it be during or between songs, Alekseev was showered with bunches of Roses and gift bags containing who knows what? Most females in the hall must have taken a bouquet up at some point. Gone are the days of Tom Jones having underwear hurled at him – no the Belarusians are more polite and like to hand it to the performing artist.

Obviously we knew Alekseev’s “Forever” when it appeared in Russian, however we were treated to the English version right at the end – but the dance remix, something that had supposedly never existed – well until now.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening that surprised all three of us at how actually good Alekseev can be – especially after what he brought to the stage in Lisbon.

The Sports Palace, along with other concert halls have shows going on near enough daily. It seems here in Minsk, going out is the new staying in!

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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