“My One True Love … Eurovision!” Introducing Sade!

Sade Eurovision

Here’s Sade!! (third from left) Source: Sade Akintola

Eurovision Ireland is expanding! We tasked one of our new writers to tell us about their relationship with the Eurovision Song Contest – so enough from me, here’s Sade to tell us more!

I get asked quite often “Sade, when did you start watching Eurovision?” and “What’s your earliest Eurovision memory?” Well, to say that I love Eurovision would be an understatement! I love the build up to the event, the costumes, the lighting, the personalities and of course, that wind machine!

Hi! My name is Sade Akintola, I’m a 31 year old Australian who is madly in love with Eurovision, much to the confusion of my Irish husband who is yet to share in my passion.

My earliest Eurovision memory was when I was around 14. It was the first Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2003, I can remember watching it and telling my mother “Wouldn’t it be amazing if this was a contest for adults!” – my mother laughed and the rest is history!

As much as I love Eurovision, it has come with some heartbreak too. Hosting my first ever Eurovision party back in 2011, live from Germany after Lena’s win in 2010. I had invited around 8 people to my home in Frankston, Victoria. Snacks had been purchased, I was all ready with my list of drinking games and I was very excited. The first text came about 2 and a half hours before the Grand Final was due to start – ‘sorry Sade …. can’t come anymore’…

As the opening credits started, my mum, dad and brother joined me as no one else could make it. I didn’t hold a Eurovision party again until last year (almost 6 years later) and it was only because of my non-Eurovision loving husband who gave me the confidence to host a party again. Maybe if that original crowd had known that Frankston was the birth place of Eurovision legend Johnny Logan, they would’ve been kicking down my door!

Sade Eurovision 2

All set for the big night! Source: Sade Akintola

Australia’s love for Eurovision has grown and grown over the years. We have always watched the show, we have always held parties, maybe one day we would have been given the opportunity of being able to vote but never in our wildest dreams did we think we would be sending our own representative to the biggest song competition in the world! I still get defensive when people ask me “Why are Australia even competing?”

Enjoy it my friends, enjoy the Australian flavour! Guy Sebastian, Dami Im, Isiah Firebrace and Jess Mauboy – we have fantastic musical talent in Australia and to be able to perform at Eurovision and showcase this talent… I am so proud! And by having Australia compete, I truly believe it adds another dimension to the competition and Eurovision is able to reach a more global audience. I look forward to May every year and next year I will be hosting a grand final party for the first time ever in my own home – only 180 days to go! Can’t wait!

Author: Sade Akintola

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Image Source: Sade Akintola

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