#ASIA: Eurovision Asia For December 2019???


At the start of October, the out-going Managing Director of SBS, Micheal Ebeid, had announced that there was geo-political difficulties in arranging the planned Eurovision Asia Song Contest. At the time, he did say however:

“We have put all our energy into this other idea we’re planning to announce soon. It’s more in our control and continent, whereas trying to get 10 Asian countries to agree has proven really difficult.”

This week, Brendon Wolf, a 9 News Gold Coast correspondent claimed that the City of Gold Coast had announced they would become the Eurovision home of Australia – for both Australia Decides (the Australian National Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest) and the Eurovision Asia Song Contest.

Video: YouTube/Eurovision Asia Song Contest

9 News Gold Coast have reported the final will take place on Saturday 7th December 2019. The City of Gold Coast stated:

“An opportunity exists for the city of Gold Coast to become the ‘home of Eurovision’ through hosting two events in 2019 – the national selection series – Australia Decides in February, followed by the Eurovision Asia Song Contest in December.”

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: ESCXtra

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