Eurovision 2018

#JESC – OnEurope reviews songs heading to Minsk!

Minsk Logo

It’s just under a month to go till the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018, live from the awesome Belarusian capital Minsk!

Of course, Eurovision Ireland will be there to cover the contest and give you all the goings on at the Minsk Arena – but until then, why see what our friend Phil over at OnEurope thinks of some of the songs heading to Belarus?

What does he make of Portugal, Wales, Azerbaijan, France and Malta? Who does Phil reckon is “better than the song itself”? And who “sounds great and is great”? And which entry puts him in the mood for Disney?!


Remember to keep checking back to OnEurope as it uploads more video reviews in the coming weeks – and also come back to Eurovision Ireland, we miss you too! 😉

Author: James Scanlan

Source: OnEurope

Image Source:,

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