Eurovision 2018

#SLOVENIA – Alenka Gotar to run for political position!


In 2007, she wowed Europe with her impressive operatic vocals and brought Slovenia to the grand final for the first time since the introduction of the semi finals in 2004. Now soprano singer Alenka Gotar is turning her hand to something very different – politics!

Alenka is standing for election in Slovenia’s Domžale constituency, located in the centre of the country. She is is part of Slovenska Demokratska Stranka or the Slovenian Democratic Party, a liberal-conservative political party that has existed in Slovenia since 1989 and is currently in opposition to the ruling government. They recently held a political conference in Celje, which Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán attended to show his support for the party.

Eurovision singers turning their hand to politics is not as uncommon as you might think. Indeed, Eurovision winner Ruslana served as a member of parliament for the Our Ukraine party after winning the contest.

Author: James Scanlan


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