Eurovision 2018

#ESC18: Coming To Lisbon For The Shows?


Are you packing ready for a trip to Lisbon next week for the Eurovision Song Contest? Before you pack, the European Broadcasting Union has issued a list of Prohibited Items when it comes to entering the Altice Arena as a member of the audience.

Audience Prohibited List

Picture: European Broadcasting Union

While you may laugh about things like Golf Balls, they are renowned to cause injuries during Sporting Events. Spectators use them as missiles sometimes, therefore a Prohibited List of items which would normally be used at Sporting Events has been transferred by RTP to the Eurovision Song Contest too.

It isn’t only the audience that has been affected though, we have had a similar list to abide by too here in the Press Area. If you comply with the list above, you will have no problems getting through security.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: European Broadcasting Union

Categories: Eurovision 2018

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