Czech Republic



Yesterday we reported on Czech singer Mikolas Josef’s being rushed to hospital in Lisbon following an injury sustained while rehearsing at the Altice Arena.

Since last night, fans around the world have been waiting to hear what’s happening and most importantly, how Mikolas is doing. Earlier tonight, Mikolas himself posted this message on social media


Firstly, we here at Eurovision Ireland are very happy that Mikolas is on the mend, and we continue to wish him all the best and a speedy recovery. We also commend his determination and commitment to singing for the Czech Republic next week in the face of what has happened – what a performer!

We look forward to seeing Mikolas back in rehearsals shortly and hope the rest of his stay in Portugal is a bit less eventful!!

Author: James Scanlan

Source: Facebook

Image Source: Facebook

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    • I agree Edith, I’m sure he can give just an impressive a show without all the flips and potentially putting himself at more risk

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