Eurovision 2018

#RUSSIA – Yuliya Samoilova to sing “I Won’t Break” in Lisbon! LISTEN HERE!


They promised she’d be back – and back she is! After withdrawing from Eurovision 2017, Russia said Yuliya Samoilova would represent the country at Eurovision 2018, regardless of winning country or host city.

Her song for this year’s contest was due for release later today, but our friends over at have come into possession of a copy of Yuliya’s 2018 Eurovision entry, entitled “I Won’t Break”. You can have a listen to it HERE (article in Turkish)

UPDATE: Thanks to a vigilant viewer out there on the internet, we’ve found the Official Music Video on Vimeo too! Thank you!

What do you think? Can Yuliya continue Russia’s 100% qualification streak? Could she even bring them a 2nd victory?

Let us know what you think!

Author: James Scanlan



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