Eurovision 2018

#LITHUANIA – RESULTS of Eurovizijos Semi Final 1! Which 3 acts made it?

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It’s that time of the week again, the next instalment of Lithuania’s epic Eurovizijos Dainų Konkurso Nacionalinė Atranka!

Last night was the 1st semifinal, where 7 acts battled it out for just 3 places in the final. Who has made it to the last round? Below is that all important table with the successful artists highlighted, alongside the results of the jury and the televote so you can see who got their points from where!


Sadly for Greta Zazza, she was brought back as a wild-card after failing to qualify, but didn’t pass to the next round.

So congratulations Jurgis, The Roop and Kotryna! You’ve made it all the way to Lithuania’s Eurovizijos final! Next week will be the 2nd semi final, when we will discover the last 3 acts to enter the final on March 11th.

Did your favourites make it to the final? Let us know!

Author: James Scanlan

Source: Wikipedia

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